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Robins Egg 521


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Your slackin Ken dry.gif Lets see some pics of your new truck in its new home. :poke:


Haha, been too busy driving it to take pics, found a little notbook in the glove box with a bunch of mileage records, looks like the truck only has 130k on it, and got a new clutch at 75k. Ooohh and I found the owners manual too :D

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I paid him $75 irrc, im not complainin. I didnt have to pull it or go anywhere to pick it up, the friendly fed ex man set it down right inside my garage. :w00t: Plus ive got his built well enough to suvive a bombing crate to store things in lol

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Kennys got a 5 speed, Kennys gotta a 5 speed :D Check the rear seal on the motor & replace if needed. Let me know when u r going 2 do the swap & maybe I can come give you a hand. (sit around & drink beer & bark orders) :rolleyes: If you want.

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Good point, I will have to pick one up at the napa. I think Im gonna do it this saturday, got the stepdad and his buddy to drink the beer and bark orders at his truckyard/shop in Discovery Bay. But If they flake out or somethin comes up I'll keep you posted. Never hurts to have a Datsun expert on hand.

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Here are some pics from my 521 dogleg install. I think it needed to be shortened by 2 inches. It need not be perfect, you can oblong the holes that mount to the crossmember.







And a pic of my old truck, just for good measure!



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Well its been a while since the last update so here goes. Decided to keep the 4 speed, I've come to like it. Just painted the top ofthe cab, cleaned out and re seam sealed the drip rails. Shes about a 10 footer, not bad for spary paint. Heres the oics.








Had to throw in a couple pics of the Datsun dog too lol :D



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