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1970 Plymouth Duster 5MGTE swap

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Well I'm not a fan of lexus' in general. Is it because its turbo is invisible?

Stock doesn't have a turbo, mine has an inport twin turbo Supra engine. :thumbup:

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Lexus a coupe? If its the one I'm thinking of its one of the few body styles of Lexus I actually like.

It's the only one I like. :thumbup:

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Well the latest is I plan on going with a mighty demon blow through 4 barrel carburetor no more fuel injection to keep things simple and cheaper. I will post some pictures soon of some changes. I had to disassemble the turbo and re-clock it to get the outlet in a more favorable position. I will need to secure the wastegate and add a BOV. the turbo piping nightmare that I've been living is finally gone with this setup now I need to drop 700 bucks for a carb.

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My 340 Swinger was advertised as 3,000 pounds and 300hp for $3,000. The Demon can't be much different. Take that heavy 340, and replace the 8.3/4 with the six cylinder 7 3/4 rear end and put drum brakes and smaller sway bar and you have a 2,700 pound car. 

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@q-tip the fuel management and harness was going to set me back at or over $2000. I can go with the crane ignition system and the demon carburetorfor less than $1200 plus I don't have to deal with any tuning by way of laptop just jetting based off of exhaust temperatures.

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