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Looking for engine rebuild mechanic in Los Angeles


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Like Migi Saidbiggrin.gif

Do It Yourself !laugh.gif


+1 100% ^^^^ ,,,, :D


It is easy , fun , ( can be time consuming for some things like the cleaning :mellow: )


BUT WELL WORTH LEARNING ON YOUR OWN ! Grab a Haynes Manual (general knowledge) , and download the 240z FSM on the internet for ACTUAL Torque specification ( or ask on Ratsun , a few guys on here work at Nissan ;) )


As long as you don't have head bolts break flush into the engine block like mine did on my last rebuild ( blown head gasket , coolant seeped and leaked into the threads ) then you will be good :lol:


Just keep everything in the order in which you pulled , lay it all out in order , and bearing main caps/rod caps especially :D


Doesn't require many tools (really) either , and you will use these tools again for pretty much everything

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Yeah, I know, but it has more to do with free time than $.


I rebuilt a few Falcons in my younger days so I know the straight 6 is pretty bullet proof.


Well if I don't get to it by the time this job ends Maybe . . . .


In the mean time, thanks for the link to the z club and sunrise in glendale. There is a Z guy on the west side but Glendale is closer so that's better Van Nyes isn't out of the question either.


Thanks Gang,


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