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620 ac


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My Mom's '73 has A/C. It was a dealer option even in the 520/521. Factory A/C didn't show up until '76, but you could still get dealer-added A/C on any year 620. I've seen 3 control types- the underdash packaged unit, the console-controls, and rarer controls integrated with the heater controls.


Dealer added A/C usually used an underdash unit, whereas factory A/C used the vents in the dash itself. The compressor varied year to year but either type (box-type or round "york clone" type) work with both.

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I have a complete (minus compresor and console controls) factory a/c setup for a 620. Wiring, condenser, vent tubes, bracket, pulleys and filter dryer. Need to have a crank pulley with the belt drive. I am asking 100$ and had a shipping quote to send it all the way to Guam and it was only about 65$ for 2 packages (pretty heavy stuff). so i am sure continental USA would be about as cheap.........................I have seen a few york style compressors for sale on here so i am sure you could round up one of these.

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i have the console unit! For sale too


And there is a guy over on the for sale board with a york compressor........so just an electric fuel pump, your console and some copper lines you got yourself factory 620 a/c.........I will even throw in the dealer addendum manual with all the a/c specs LOL!




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