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blinker headlight trouble


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I just had something strange happen for about a week or two my blinkers have been very slow then tonight they took several seconds to start. then a little down the road the right one stopped wo working then a little farther down the left one stopped working. so i tried my high low beam it worked once then went to all four staying on no matter which position it was in and they all seemed dim. at first I thought it was the flasher can but now im thinking maybe my blinker high low switch entirely? I took a quick look and all the fuses looked intact. any help would be rad.






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It definately charges enough to run the motor but when running the lights it slowly loses charge It is also running electric fuel pump and 3 new gauges with little lights in them. When I have the headlights on and turn on a blinker each time it blinks it dims quite a bit. I talked to my mechanic buddy Who put an Lseries that was built for the track in it and he said it maybe we didnt ground the motor to the frame and body so the alternator may not be putting out as much as it should. Electrical systems are definately not my strong point, do you think this could be it?


Oh yeah the new engine is electronic ignition from an L20 the old one was dual points

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yes the blinker fluid is all topped up :lol: :angry: on top of all this when i went to install my second new alternator the bracket broke literally broke its had a crack for a long time and when i went to the auto parts and told them any alternator bracket would do they were completely baffled then i said even a piece of steel with a hole and a slot would be fine i finally had to go to a mechanic shop and dig through their parts bin, then when i put the second new alternator in the threads for the bracket were stripped so i have to wait til morning to buy a nut grrrrrr

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