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brown dashes


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Hey i recently picked up a factory brown dash and interior from a 79 datsun motorhome with 62,000 org Km's, the dash is in very good condition with only 2 small marks near the steering column, im just wondring how rare is it and approx what its it worth? it does not have a tach or clock and the delete panel is gone it has an 80's tape deck

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You can re-dye/paint them, I have done this to black dashes as the color always turns grayish. Look around the back side towards the windshield and see if there are any hairline cracks starting. If there are any present take a small drill bit and make a hole at the very end (beginning) of the crack. Then seal/patch it with a high quality adhesive sealant (really sticky stretchy caulk) I use NP1 and it seems almost exactly the same as greatstuff gasket sealant but it is a quarter of the cost... it sticks to everything and it has a 300% stretch rate when it is dry. To clean it up use denatured alcohol. I used SEM semigloss/satin bumper black to paint mine as it is made for vinyl/plastics, it is flexable and it doesnt have a high sheen. I also painted it in the sun so that everything was expanded/pliable when the paint was applied


I did this to the dash in my KC and it still looks perfect after 2 1/2 years...


Pricewise, color of the dash should only matter if it is ABSOLUTELY perfect... If you bolt one in without checking for small cracks it will probably be broken/cracked in a year. In the condition of yours (unsure about the two small marks without pics... are they smudges or cracked broken areas?) Id feel comfortable asking around $150, if theyre cracks... about half that. Good dashes are a bitch to find and asking a little more will ensure that it doesnt go to someone who will put it in their rusbucket and have it end up in a wrecking yard 6 months down the road.

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Datzenmike- so what are the details on your new car? are you going to add pictures to your other thread?


Thanks For the info on the dash i will have to go over it and check for any signs of cracks, then decide what im going to do to it.

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