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Feng Shui (The 510 Experiment)

Josh K.

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A bit jelly here!!!  I've wanted a 914 to put a v8 in since I was a kid.  If I had a shop with space, I'd almost think about working on cars again if I got a deal like that!!!  Congrats!!  I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with it.  Make sure to put a link in this thread when you start a new one!!

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I'm pretty stoked!


Another bit of good news!! My 510 has been chosen to be in the Tuner Exhibit at Lemay Auto Museum. It's starts in November. My car will be there until April.


Can't believe it came from a pile of shit to a museum display piece ??


I will miss her a ton but I can visit when ever I want and I'll have her back by car show/autocross season next summer. I also have the 914 to cut up and fix during the winter. That should be on the road by summer also. I'll let the wifey drive the Porsche to the shows and I'll drive the 510 ? I have to make the Porsche "daily drivable" per her instructions. No race car disguised as a show car ?



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2 minutes ago, mklotz70 said:

Congrats! That's amazing news!!  Gives me another reason to try to get up there and see that museum! ?


Let me know and we'll meet there! It's a pretty neat place and I'm sure the Tuner exhibit will be badass! They wanted my 510 cause they said the 510 was "the car that started the tuner craze". It really was!


I'm hoping mine gets the spotlight ?

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2 minutes ago, datzenmike said:

How was the tornado yesterday? 


It was about 30 miles west of us luckily. Pretty damn crazy though. I've never in my life heard of a tornado hitting in Washington. Maybe on the east side but not this side of the mountains..



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4 hours ago, Josh K. said:


It was about 30 miles west of us luckily. Pretty damn crazy though. I've never in my life heard of a tornado hitting in Washington. Maybe on the east side but not this side of the mountains..



Had a small one touch down at a farm between monroe and Snohomish when I was living in gold bar. Nothing this intense though, just ripped some paneling off the side of a barn not a few dozen roofs

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A couple days ago I received an email from Dave, a teacher at iDEA high school in Tacoma. He leads the Shell Eco Marathon car build team there. He was taking his students to tour Lemay and asked if I could meet them there and tell the students about my car. Him and his son are getting ready to build a 510 for his son which is really cool. It was great to see young kids with such enthusiasm.





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After countless hours of research (and buying but never installing the exhaust slash cut pipe) I decided to go with a vacuum pump for crankcase ventilation. There's many advantages to using a pump over intake/turbo vacuum.


Clean oil.

More Power.

No oil/junk in the turbo/intercooler/manifold and intake ports.

Lower risk of detonation since the motor isn't breathing crankcase fumes.


So after searching high and low and talking with manufacturers I went with the GZ Motorsports Sportsman Pump. https://www.gzmotorsports.com/vacuum-pumps.html


They recommend sending the pump in for inspection every 10-15,000 miles which is a long time for this car. People have reported no wear at 20,000 miles.


Here's my early christmas present...




I started designing the pulley adapter for the crankshaft. I'm using the factory bolt holes in the crank pulley to bolt the adapter.




Here's the system installed on a V8.




 I'm going to get all the bits ready so when I get the car back I just have to make the pump mount, measure for belt and hook up the hoses.


Also on the list for the cars return is @DADZSUN new axles and I'm also going to remake my motor mounts to use the stock L series rubber mounts and set the motor at the right height.


Stay tuned.

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I'll go ahead and post some updates for those who don't follow me on Instagram.


I got the car back and immediately installed the rear driveshafts from @DADZSUN




Then I set out to fix my drive line angles and make new motor mounts. I decided to use the stock 510 mounts and just cut the perches off the stock cross member and cut/weld on the JBC cross member.








And then my driveline angles were whacked so I had to raise the back of the tranny 1"+




I then bought a Energy Suspension Poly mount for the tranny and remade the tranny mount







After that was resolved I made a pulley adapter and mounted the pulley driven vacuum pump setup and used the Vibrant slash pipe to vent the catch can...
















I'm pulling the vacuum from the factory location in the side of the timing chain cover.



And dumping to the catch can






And then out the slash pipe



Haven't gotten to the transmission tunnel so it's cardboard for now 😂🤣




All that's done and now here's some enjoyment pics













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Took her in for a dyno tune today!! It was tuned on a DynoDynamics which is a load based and not inertia. This means he could hold the rpm and tune up and down the load scale. Pretty killer!! It was scary as hell as I was waiting for it to blow up 🤣😂


The RE71R's were waaaay too soft and heated up instantly and started melting... Had to run home and put on the R1R's so she could make it through the session.


It was boosting at around 12-13psi but starting falling off over 5,000RPM's and settled at 10psi. The tuner said he could make it hold but since the intake air temps were climbing that told me the turbo was out of it's efficiency range and was blowing hot air.


So we settled at 252whp/260ftlb. This dyno is nicknamed "the heartbreaker" cause it's the dyno that always puts out the lowest numbers. The tuner recommends multiplying by 1.18 to get corrected numbers for a DynoJet which is the most common in the states. That would mean 300whp...


Here's the chart. It comes on hot and heavy and holds all the way 🤪 Let's see your SR lay down a torque graph like that...





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