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Feng Shui (The 510 Experiment)

Josh K.

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Damn dood, you've been Forum Waxing for quite a while. 
Mighty fine of you to keep the dream alive. I gave up when I could no longer see Photos. LOL 

The Wheels will look great buddy! Can't wait to see them rolling! 
And yes.. I probably do need the Garage Squad to show up and smack me around till I get her moving again. LULZ

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And yes.. I probably do need the Garage Squad to show up and smack me around till I get her moving again. LULZ

I already signed you up.. They should be knocking on your door any day  :rofl:  :rofl:  :rofl:  :rofl:

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Hahaha, Looks like the Aussies got a hold of it. LOL 

Every other Dime I see in AUS is purple with a crazy motor build. 


Josh, Just Kidding man, you do you. Purple or Not.  :thumbup:


It takes a real man to paint his car purple.. I mean somebody up north of me painted their engine bay pink...  :hug:

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Well it looks like she won't see the paint booth this weekend. My buddy that's helping with the finish body work is super detailed and we're making the body way nicer than I ever imagined. It's worth the wait!


My wheels are shipping today!!!  :w00t:  :w00t:  :w00t:  :w00t:  :w00t:
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It's all the detail that separate the big dogs from the rest...


The driver side door had some fitment issues. The top/back edge didn't match the quarter panel. Can't move the quarter panel and I ain't slathering filler to build up the quarter...




So I had to go inside and cut a slit so I could push the door skin inward.




Looks good now!!






I'm shooting for paint on 4th of July weekend and be on the road for Blue Lake. I THINK I can hit this goal....  :rofl:  :rofl:  :rofl:   :rofl:

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