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Feng Shui (The 510 Experiment)

Josh K.

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Thanks guys. It's nice having the ability and access to the equipment. I'm almost done making bits now ;)


Here's some mockup pics from end of day. I now need to get a list of fasteners and final gaskets together.






My shop is a disaster. I think the next step is clean up and then pull everything out of boxes and organize...


Any ideas on valve cover color? I think I've maxed out the black components...

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Maybe just paint it a dark gray with black letters? I can color match it when I actually paint the car. 


Good "temp" choice.   :thumbup:



Or I could just leave it alone and focus on getting it running?


Then there's this...   :rofl:



But as I can attest to on my neverending 1200 build, it sucks to do it twice just because you're in a rush to drive it...  

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Baller bolts is a scammer. Guess I should've googled them first. Got a confirmation and then waited a week. No status change..luckily they didn't charge my card. Lots of others have waited months or never received but were charged right away. I have to cancel my card tomorrow....


So back to the best damn hardware supplier on the net. www.belmetric.com


I ordered today and then changed my mind on an item and asked right away in an email. 2hrs later got an email saying no worries we'll swap it out for no charge! Top notch business and ships right away.


Anyways. Ordered hardware to finish the intake manifold and exhaust manifold/turbo installation...

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I am more and more impressed with this car everytime I look through the build. I've watched it from the beginning (although I vanish from ratsun for long periods of time). This is one 510 I can honestly say I cannot wait to see on the road. I don't give a crap if it's painted or pretty, I just wanna see one healthy burnout and I'll be content.

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Thanks man. I'm pretty stoked also ;)


Manifold and turbo on for good. Copper clad locking nuts, copper head to manifold gasket, hand lapped and grease between turbo and header, turbo and outlet.... Um yeah... That should work OK..





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That's the feed line. The return is the one hanging down. It goes into the bottom of the radiator.

 Ive herd talk of running it that way but no feed back on someone who actually did.. Thanks for sharing.. I might go the same route with mine.

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