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Feng Shui (The 510 Experiment)

Josh K.

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Yes. Reason is less side load. I wanted to use the lightest amount of pressure to hold it in place so I didn't induce stress and deformation which would yield an unflat surface once unclamped.

You sound like a machinist or something. :lol:

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Walked in the shop and found another Ferrari..... Co-renter is gonna take 3 F355's and make 2 good ones....




I reworked the oil drain line. Now its level going into the pan and has more of an arc in the line which will allow some movement when the manifold heats up and moves around. Next is drill/tap the compressor housing for the wastegate solenoid port.







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Glad you posted how you milled your manifold flat. I just starting up making a manifold and was trying to figure out how to even hold the manifold.


Then again we have a gigantic belt sander, so that may work too...

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Then again we have a gigantic belt sander, so that may work too...


I would still lap it on a granite slab..... I'm crazy like that though....


I needed a port for the boost control solenoid so I machined the top of the existing boss and tapped it 1/8-27NPT. I'm using push lock lines.....









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Here's some info I found:


"Eric Peterson's Canadian 510


Like Denny's car, Eric's 1969 510 has spent its entire life as a road racer -- neither was ever licensed for the street.


Eric's car was bult in Canada and carries a Canadian racing association registration number. Details about its early years are a little sketchy, but Thunder bay, Ontario, racer Scotty Bell ran it for over a decade until he retired from racing at the age of 70 a couple of years ago.


Eric bought the car from Scotty and has conducted an extensive chassis, engine and transmission rehab. He will campaign it this summer in Council and SCCA events with his current 1800 cc motor. An FIA two liter is in the works"


I'm trying to get more information because that would mean a possible 30+year race history.


I'll report what I find.

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Nope. Not this year. Next year I plan on driving down. By then I'll have shaken all the bugs out ;) That's a long drive (tow) for a new build.


I'm shooting for a local show end of this summer in a ratted out state. We'll see. Doing it right comes first :)

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