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Feng Shui (The 510 Experiment)

Josh K.

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I'll let you know. What's your timeline for needing one?


Haven't done much lately. Family got a nasty bug we've been fighting.


I did find something out. When I was tig'ing the collector the tungsten was acting funny and it just wasn't welding right. Well I come to find out the argon bottle I borrowed for back purge was a argon/carbon dioxide mix! Doh! My buddy didn't look when he grabbed it and I didn't think to check. Welds look OK but explains why they didn't stack well.


Oh well. Moving on.... Still got a lot of welding to do. Hopefully finish it this week after work..


I won't need it for about a month or so. Let me know when you have time and are feeling better.

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Reworked the motor mounts. All is well in the world.


I just cutoff the verticals, bolted the verticals to the motor, moved the mounts with the bottom plate up so all four holes align. Bolted and then tacked, welded, made some gussets and BAM!








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Its about 3/8" below the exhaust. So about 1.375" below the rocker. That's about as tight as 3" pipe will get.


Most of my work is done with a grinder :)


Exhaust is all mocked up. Just gotta install 2 more hangers.














I think at max the exhaust is 1" below the rockers. About 1/4" below tranny mount and rear cross member....




Had to notch the body a little. I'll fix this later...



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Welded the turbo oil return fitting. It was angled slightly down before and it should be level so I hammered the pan so it has the right angle now. Downside is my oil line is now wrong. I'm going to cut the 90deg fitting and make it line up once the turbo is mounted.


One more thing off the list. Time for assembly!!!






Tig'ed from the backside.



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Flattened my exhaust flange....... Set the flange face down, measured the highest point of whichever tube was highest to the top side of the flange. Turned some posts to length, clamped down on the center as to pull down on the three points which would get me as close to level as possible.


Milled away.....



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