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Feng Shui (The 510 Experiment)

Josh K.

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I'll hold it for you. No problem.


I have an in tank 300zx pump. I bought this one before I decided to switch. It's just sitting on my work bench and I could use the money to finish my fuel system.


1,000th Reply in this thread! Holy shit...


cool ill shoot you a pm a day before i get paid and ill come pick it up thanks!

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We're hiring ;)


I think I decided on a color. Its a long ways out but gonna go with 2014 Jeep Anvil




I seen one in person and love it.


Gonna order some of these https://www.made4uproducts.com/cart/proddetail.php?prod=20-323


Was gonna make them out of stainless but don't have the time...

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We recently bought a JKU and there was another JK on the showroom floor with that color. I didn't like it the first time I saw it, but by the time we had signed the paperwork on ours, I told my wife "we should have bought that color!"


I think it will look great on the 510! I can't wait to see it!

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It's gonna be awhile till paint.... :(


I did get a little work done tonight. I have all the jic fittings for the fuel system.


I was having a hard time finding room for the fuel filter and FPR on the firewall. Its was just looking cluttered I decided to just mount the FPR to the fuel rail and the filter to the firewall...


So I started with a 90deg -6an orb fitting. Reason for the 90deg is the orb fitting uses an oring to seal. The straight fitting is solid one piece. 90deg has a jam nut and washer. This will allow me to index the FPR where I want it and then tighten the jam nut and oring in position. I still have to finish grinding the flange, tig weld the fitting and make a bracket to help isolate the FPR from vibration.


Here's what I got.









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Thanks for the kind words. I think I have more determination then talent :)


I started on the fuel lines finally. Need a right angle drill to finish securing down the tunnel. I'll probably make a drive shaft hoop just incase it comes loose...


In the trunk. I'll make soft lines to the tank.




Nice and tight to the floor to clear the sub frame.








There's no comparison between the summit racing coiled ss line and the straight ss from the parker store. Summit line is janky and finish looks like zinc plating... Parker line you could easily polish...


Hopefully I'll get more time this week. That's it for now...

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I'm hoping to find time this weekend to put the motor/tranny back in so I can finalize the front section of the fuel lines. Then I can take them in Monday to have the ends flared. Also while the motor is in I can plan the soft lines that connect to the motor.


I've been thinking today that I really want to run electric fans. Either I'll shorten my water pump shaft or go with an external electric pump. When I go to the shop I'll see. Also gonna see if the altima pump is shorter stock.


More to come.

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Altima pump is totally different....


Got the motor back in and planned the rest of the lines. Also 90% sure im going with this pump http://www.daviescraig.com.au/Electric_Water_Pumps-EWP80__12V__ELECTRIC_WATER_PUMP___PART_No__8005-details.aspx


If I do I'll modify the timing cover to have a divider in the cavity where the coolant pump went and make a cover with a hose fitting to feed the pump and one to return to the motor. This way I can use the stock thermostat and cooling system design.


We'll see...

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Speaking of re-design... I'm leaning towards not going with the electric pump. After countless hours of research and speaking with the folks at Davies Craig it seems like a lot of complication and money.


Tomorrow I'll press the shaft out of the stock pump and see if I can shorten it or use the altima parts in it. Worst case I'll design a new pump body for the altima guts and mill one out.


Still more investigation to be done..

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Looks like the Altima pump guts will work. I have to open up the bore on the S13 impeller (Because the altima is reverse direction...) to fit the shaft of the altima pump and then mill down the top of the S13 housing so I can press in the Altima guts.


Should work and be about 1" shorter which will be perfect.


When I tried to press apart the altima pump the shitty casting broke. I had to mill it into two halves and break it apart:







More to come.

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