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Still in the family!


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So as some of you know corey and me traded, my ka 510 for his blue 620. Been over a week now, and i was lucky enough to be able to buy back the front air dam thanks to corey. Plus she just looks way better with it :)






Ive never had a 620, ive had hardbody's 720's and always loved 521's. But after having a 620 i actually really like them :)

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I was actually considering fender mirrors, never really been a fan of the look before, but ive seen some pics of king cabs with em and they look pretty nice. I do like how the mirrors light up though :). The mirrors have been growing on me more and more cuz its different.

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The sentra was a pos, and unfortunately the 510 wasnt going to be done for a long long time if i kept it. And i originally needed the money but corey made me a great offer for the truck. I had my altima for 3 years, the sentra se-r for 2, its only till recently that ive been flying through some vehicles. Plus i love this 620

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^ Ive never been a 620 lover, but this truck has turned me. Im actually kind of liking it more than the dimes. Its staying the same color, i just want it shiny lol The wife wants to drive the dime, and i plan on driving this to shows.

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holly molly guys , all this love is making me proud of myself....and mr dan saying it turned him and i built a good truck.....fuck,, guys thxs ....dan im so glad you do like it...wait tell you guys see the one i been working on ,it's sik....but its top secrete and will not be seen tell next years shows...as for the mirros being where they are i dont exspect mamma boys to understand but when yous a thug doing thug stuff you dont roll out the ghetto with your windows all the way down in the winter so you can see out da mirrors, you mount um up high so you just have to crack um and da police dont see shit.....(actuall reason)....dan thought id say thx for the dime and let ya remember it better with sum pix..lol





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