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Supercharged VG30 ,stretched 720 Pickup

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The other side  , I had to cut a big slice out of the bottom of the air box , 








For the power steering pump , it has to run on the blower belt , So I had to convert the pulley from a V belt .

I machined the V part off the old pulley and welded on the new one .







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Hi I have been sick with the Flu ..........it's been nasty to say the least .

So I got the passenger side inner fender tacked up.









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Hi everyone

Got a little bit of work done , still not feeling great DAM FLU .


Making some tire clearance , don't want any rubbing issues later , much easier to fix now !!! 

Had to make a new pocket for the brake booster , I will finish these inner fenders when the cab comes of , it will be a lot faster & easier to get at both sides .












Also had to take a huge slice out of my air box




And thanks again for fallowing along and the kind words , it does help with motivation .

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My little white D21's engine decided to blow the head gasket , so I pulled the head to see what was going on , yup the gasket was bad along with the cam chain sliders etc.


Wow I couldn't believe the price of the parts !!! head gskt set and bolts over $300 and the cam chain set complete was over $500 !!!

So I used my spare engine , took the best external parts from both and put it in , runs strong .


So that used up my time for Blue Thunder this week ...........










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I’ve been away for a good while, glad you decided to stay with the project. It’s nice to see what can be done diy style, like old school hot rodding.

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Will be working on Blue Thunder for a while , lots of stuff getting in the way as usual .

My White D21 is all back together runs awesome , picked up a new to us daily driver for my wife , her 95 MX5 started smoking really bad on start up , I suspect it's the stem seals .

Her new ride !!!!! 2012 MX5  with a power roof and all the toys , it came from Kentucky , it was in a lite crash , some assembly required !!!! .









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Because I use my shop to do other stuff , it 's a pain in the ass to move the truck and jack it up and jack it back down to move it aside , so I came up with this idea , I made three sizes of blocks , so I can use different combinations to suit a height that I need .

I have taken a month off to button up this truck  , So Stay Tuned In !!!! 















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Hi everyone
I really need everyone's help !!!
I entered a Contest months ago called the Ultimate Figure It Outer , Presented by Princess Auto .
Out of over six hundred entries I have made it to the Semi Finals with 20 contestants .

They are using social media to help them decide who makes it to the Finals , the top 3 with the most votes will be in the Finals !!!!!
So this is where you come in , if you would be so kind as to vote for my Kart Lifter project that would totally Awesome !!!!

You can ( and I hope you will ) vote once every 24 hours until June 17 th
So please share this with friends and family , coworkers network network !!

If you have any questions or the link isn’t working for you please ask
Thanks so much

Here is the link ,scroll down to vote button follow the prompts , you have to have a Facebook account , and please come back tomorrow !!!!

( I can be very slow to load  )


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Thanks I built it about 4 years ago , did you vote for me ?

I really need votes big time , was hoping my Ratsun buddies would vote the hell out of this .

and I have been working on my truck here and there will post some stuff as soon as I get a chance.

Thanks Fast720 

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I just tried to vote and I can not vote because I am not a memeber of anything but google and the link for google is invalid.  I will keep trying.

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Thanks for voting I really need the votes , I think you have to have a Facebook Account to vote ....................

cheers Fast720

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Due to technical difficulties

Voting for the Ultimate Figure-it-Outer contest is temporarily suspended. Thank you for your patience while we diligently work to resolve the issue.


Stay tuned please !!!!


They are going to fix the site due to all the problems , also you will be able to vote with just an email address !!!!!


They are going to set the counters back to Zero


Voting will continue until June 22 because of the early problems .



The links will remain the same this one goes right to mine




This one goes to the main contest page




Thanks Ratsun for your support !!!!

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Voting is Back On !!!!!


Hi Everyone

They have reset everything with a new system , this should be a lot easier

to vote now , just with email

So please continue to Vote for me


Only this link will work it takes you to the main page .




Register then scroll down to find me Phil Sommerard Kart Lifter and Vote


Thanks Ratsun for all your support !!!!


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Hi Everyone

Some of you know me as Fast720 .

I built a Go-Kart Lifter because you cant lift one by yourself , it's really cool there is a video of it in action !!!






I entered it in a contest of weird projects and out of over 600 entries , I am one of 20 Semi Finalists !!!

So to make it to the final they are using social media to help pick the 3 finalist's

I am way behind in the votes ( because I suck at social media )



This link will work it takes you to the main page .






Register , then check your email for confirmation , click on confirm in your email .

now you just log in with your email

scroll down to find me Phil Sommerard Kart Lifter and Vote

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Hi everyone !!!

It's been too long since I have on line here , I have looked a bunch of times to see what you guys are up too !!

I haven't worked on my truck in two years because I started another very cool project ( I know that's really bad considering how close to being done it is )

But I found a place to do this Fiberglass build , you will all be happy it's a Datsun ( well a newer one ) a  2005 Nissan 350Z .

I am building a whole new body , I have been at this for 2 years solid , I just started posting from the beginning 

I got inspired by Matt who built the Vaydor based on the Infinity G35 .

Here are a couple of links to my build .

The name of the car and build is Falcata

the first one is on  MY350Z  


and the second one is on Mad Mechanics 



I hope you have a look and let me know what you think , and it will be finished by spring 2021 and then back onto Blue Thunder 

Cheers Phil



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On 10/5/2020 at 10:37 AM, Fast720 said:

I haven't worked on my truck in two years because I started another very cool project

I hope you'll get back onto the 720 project, you've done some really cool & unique work on that truck

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