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Atomatic to Manual swap

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But the 3 speed BW was in the early 510


There were 3? different ones. BW35, Lechtworth (england plant)  and Muncie (US plant). All BW derivatives. Some had coolant lines, some didn't, some had a kick down linkage some were vacuum operated.


Starting with April '71 build dates Nissan introduced their own JATCO 3N71B home made 3 speed automatics to replace the BW-35s. In June of  '81 they switched to floor shifters, so for 3 months there were JATCO 3N71B column shifted cars. Very interesting as the BWs had shift linkage on the left sides and the JATCO was on the right. These cars must have had a special column shift to work them.

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David already touched on it with one of my old photos but here is the full set.


On an automatic, the big brake pedal is really far to the left.

When you swap in the manual pedals, the brake pedal is much smaller but also moved farther to the right - crowding the gas pedal.




It may look like plenty of room but when when you lift your foot off the gas to hit the brake, you would brush the back of the brake pedal with the top of your shoe.  And depending on where your foot was on the brake, you could hit the gas a little while braking.  Not awesome.


At the time, not knowing what was going on, I thought maybe the pedals were different.  Nope.




Then I noticed that there was a big jog in the linkage rod for the manual car.




I also noticed that Nissan was nice enough to put three dimples in the floor pan with equal bolt pitch.  Center and left dimple are drilled out for the automatic pedal placement.  The center and right dimple are drilled out for the manual pedal placement. 




So swapping to the manual throttle linkage, and moving the gas pedal over one hole pitch, made everything perfect.



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Yup they did the same for the 710 auto and 4 speed cross member. Three holes on each side. Middle and rear holes for auto and slide cross member forward,  middle and front hole for standards.

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