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The MX520


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I've got a week into the E1 carb swap thread and no responses at all! LOL!! Hilarious!! I probably should have put it in with the NL thread, but that thread is already sooooo long! I'm actually working on it right now......but no matter what I do to that rig, it will never be as impressive as Bob's 520!!! Holy Cow!!! :)

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missed you last night at the Golden Super Cruise :rolleyes:


There were around 12 Datsuns there!


Maybe next time eh?... :D



Dang it! You need to call me the day before and light a fire under my butt! :P

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September 4th. Be there! By the way what are you up to this sunday? Hopefully hanging out at PPIR....



Sep 4 & 5 we will be racing at High Planes Raceway. This Sunday we will be at PPIR for the Dub's show. Are you going to make it out this weekend?

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The wipers, antenna...distracting. The "bling" wheels also pull your eyes away from the lines of the truck. The hood is up on the blue one, which ruins the best lines of the truck.....and the luster on the factory paint doesn't "pop"


...at least that's my opinion :)

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I've officially ridden in this thing.. It's totally angry! Kick ass trucker. Awesome work Bob...

My only complaint (is the obvious), it's a 1966 truck therefore you can't lean the seats back boooo. hahaha

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