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521 glass run channels


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ok i bought the ebay ones that look really nice but the windows are really hard to roll up. all 4 or 5 sellers sell the same exact stuff nomatter the pic they use. i bought from idcozy and gira7777. what have you bought, where and did they work. who carries the felt only style. the ones i bought on ebay are the rubber backed ones. i feel like i need to put my cardboard ones back in that i made.




oh yeah i really dont do jcwhitney(crap shot) unless someone has numbers and pics of installed goods. thanks

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When I restored my 521, I bough the kit from Datsunrestore.com (too intense restoration). I did have to cut fit them in the corners like the stock ones. The glass was a little stiff initially, but an old trick i used forever is to take a bar of ivory soap, shave one end down to a knife point and rub it all up in the channel and it really lubricated the felt without any chemichals and it lasts a long time......mine were as smooth as silk after that.........



Good luck



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Ask Bob...his 520 has all new stuff.....it's pretty darn sweet!:)


I used Toyota FJ60 LandCruiser window channel....it fits perfect. Works great too...cause it all used :lol:


But really...the JY will more than likely have one or more of these rigs....and the channel is super easy to pull out and put back into your Ratsun :D

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I just did this using the ones from thailand (ebay). They worked perfectly! Not too tight, not too loose. Although, after I put the wing windows back in I used a hammer handle to 'smack' the wing window forward, which made the window tracks line up better.


Gotta say I am MORE than pleased with NO more window rattle. GENIOUS!

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