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Z24 Swap In To 79 620?


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The trans will"fit" but will not be "clocked" right.Also,if A/C is in your future you will have a nightmare fitting the compressor.I was going to do a KA-24 into a 620 and gave up when the A/C compressor wouldn't clear the steering box.(Both the KA-24 and the Z-24 sit vertically as opposed to the"lean" of the L-20.

Looks like i'm going to do a 2200 cc stroker based on the L motor instead.:)

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Here's my 620 /Z24 I have the starter in and 21 lb 280 Z car flywheel , '81 200sx tranny. That's it for this year. Next will be the EFI from a 200sx Z20E motor and the ported head I did.



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Plenty of wiring changes- nothing plugs together. Gonna spend a LOT of time with wiring diagrams from both vehicles to figure that one out. Big change is wiring up the twin-plug ignition and extending the wires to things like the temp gauge and choke heater since they are nowhere near where it is on an L-series.


Oh, and a new throttle cable is a must since the carb is now on the other side of the engine.




It's not a "bellhousing swap" as B-series 5-speeds don't HAVE bellhousings- they have a front case and an extension housing. So, you'd need to swap the guts of the 280ZX tranny into a NAPS-Z transmission- easier to swap the whole tranny unless you manage to find a bad NAPS-Z 5-speed that hasn't had the front end tore to hell (ask Icehouse about that! I gave him my old NAPS-Z tranny that lost a bearing- it tore the case to hell as well). Besides, the 720 5-speed has a better gear ratio set than the '79 280ZX set which is the same as the 280Z 5-speed.


"Adjusting" the rear mount is an understatement- with the wrong angle transmission (L-series trans on a NAPS-Z oriented engine) will put constant strain on the motor mounts and tranny mount as they fight each other to compensate for the 15 degree difference. You can wedge the tranny mount, but the speedo cable may be near impossible to install due to the angle.

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