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1969 SSS Rusty Bird Coupe

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I have cleared bare metal before and it rusted under the clear.

This time we used a metal prep solution to help prevent rust. The metal prep creates a zinc coating on the metal to prevent rust. Can you see the gold and blue clouds on the metal, that my friend is the zinc coating. It never comes out the same, but always looks cool. My friend brought up a point, I might get pulled over and a fix it ticket because of the glare of a big reflective car. I'm willing to take that ticket.

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I always thought something like this would be cool. If the metal was 100% perfect a nickel plate would also look cool with a little patina.


And how can a cop give you a fix-it ticket when they have reflective material all over their junk? I've also wanted to use road stripe reflective material like a pearl additive. It starts as a powder they add on top of road paint. Can you say high visibility?!

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One cool thing about this bird. It only had minimal body damage and rust is just what you see nothing hidden. Now everybody can see "what you see is what you get". The last 10 2 door 510s I have owned had more body damage then this and some had as much rust.

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Yes I'm a lucky fucker, Victory is incredible.


Starting to put Rusty back together, but the taillight lens were jacked so we refurbished them.

1st you sand the holy hell outta of them with 1000gt and then clear them done.

The top one in the pic is sanded and the bottom one is waiting to be sanded


Still pretty wet but you get the idea


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I have always just taken plastic headlight lenses to 2000grit wet, then used a plastic polish. Makes it clear again. But when you have access to clear paint, that just might look better. I kinda wondered how others restored lenses.

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Thanks for giving me credit Randy, its funny that i started this and did all the hard work but everyone says nice work James. It would have been done sooner if i hadnt of got sick!



your welcom victory the pictures showed who did the hard stuff with the striippers oops stripper but you are both amazeing together with the amount of stuff you get done

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