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4G63 510

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Saturday I got the car dialed in on the new Silver Mine suspension and got an official weight for the car. Sadly, all that suspension tuning didn't turn into fast times at autocross on Sunday. I'm still figuring out how to drive and it's definitely tail happy at the limit. Turn in seemed better and the car set better on turn in, so something is working right. Now I just need to tune the nut behind the wheel.





Rave reviews were given about the Futofab front control arms and the Byron's brackets out back. The tuner is familiar with the 510 and does set up work for major race teams and manufacturers, so I'd take his word on it.

As far as the Silver Mine coilovers, they seem to work as intended. I think the front springs being 4k might be a bit soft, but the shock adjustment is in the middle, so I'm sure I can stiffen it up a bit. The rears are 5k and we raised the car about 1/2"+ from the Specialty Engineering springs I had previously. I'll keep driving it to provide more feedback. I might try to do the National Solo event in 3 weeks to get more seat time. Sadly I don't have any in car video from the event, as the video files seemed to have been corrupted or something.

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I took the plunge in my search for cruise control. I just ordered an Audiovox CCS-100 from eBay (fingers crossed). It's a "sealed vintage unit" for $170 shipped. Better than the $230+ places are asking for new units or the Rostra units out there. I'm hoping it works on a turbo car. I'll get a chance to find out while the world is in quarantine and hopefully this summer on a drive to the NW at Powerland if it's still going on.


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I just returned from a 1,907 mile road trip. Before leaving, I made a few "improvements" to the car. The first was the previously mentioned cruise control. It was not as simple as expected. The directions are pretty basic and aren't quite accurate. I ended up finding an alternate tach signal than the directions listed and had to adjust the signal to compensate beyond what the directions list. That being said, it works great and I think it actually improved my fuel mileage.

I mounted the unit in the cowl area using rubber mounts to isolate any mechanical noise that might get transmitted into the car. The control panel is mounted inside of my center console to keep it out of eyesight.







The next item was more of a safety thing. I've wanted to add a high mount brake light for while. The 510 is by no means the smallest car, but soccer moms still have trouble seeing it. I got my unit from an early 90s Civic sedan. The rear window radius is close enough. I had to create a mount to lift it up and have something to attach it to my rear shelf panel.





While I was in Colorado, I also attended a local Solo autocross event. I'll have some video of that up soon as well.

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It's been quite a while since I've updated. I missed a summer trip due to some wiring issues, but did a 1000+ mile round trip to Datsunville in October. not much has changed, but I have some things in the works. For now, here is some autocross video from last weekend including a bad spin. I need more tire. And more skill 😋




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On 11/19/2020 at 9:59 PM, Aaron Datsun said:

Did you get that spin in right at the beginning?

Yeah. It was basically the first cone on the slalom. Boost hit right as I was starting to turn. I didn't even bother trying to save it other than to keep it out of the wall and off of their shins 🤪

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