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200sx's unite!!!!!!!!

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Sorry, just realized the intake weight I mentioned was for a stripped down version (smoothed, billet fuel rail, no smog junk, etc). Stock Z20E/Z22E intake is quite portly. There's quite a bit of crap on it. 

took EFI system to get shipping price, for the Z20 the system comes in at 40 lbs, in the box for shipping it was 43 lbs.......

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Thanks for the clarification.   :thumbup:


I'd peg my shaved intake at maybe 14-15 pounds. Did you also weigh the AFM, ECU, etc? 

yes thats the intake, wiring, injectors, ecu, afm (everything in post 319). and all full weight of box was 44 lb 0.8 oz so took 4 lb for packing which is maybe a bit much but went for the round number...

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I unfortunately left a nice pair in the junkyard (at $35 each) and could have salvaged them, but didn't know someone who'd want them. Closest swap meet is Eagle Rock and it sounds like the event may be changing to more show cars then sellers?  I have big hands and although those look real nice to me...they would be a real pain to keep clean with so many spokes.

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Posting my 78 200SX.  Enjoy!  Comments, suggestions would be appracited.  I have another 79 with manual and air that I'd love to be able to move to this 78 automatic but that;s another story altogether.  Thanks for taking a look.




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I have an 80 200 SX. One of the plastic hood vents was rattling. Wanted to ensure I don't lose it driving down the road. Saw the rubber was still intact, but the two smaller pins were broken, and it was only being held in by the one plastic 10mm nut. Cleaed off the shaft but it still sheared off when I tried to remove it.


I've not had any success gluing old plastic together, especially where it will tend to vibrate at high speed and every time the hood closes. I only see about one of these per year pop up on a junkyard list and they are usually pretty trashed or picked over by the time I can get to them. Anyone have any success remounting these or with good body trim adhesives, besides double sided sticky tape?

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Anyone have any success remounting these or with good body trim adhesives


This stuff will stick almost anything on semi-permanently. Comes in clear, black and yellow. Don't get the yellow. 






besides double sided sticky tape?


I'm sure there's a story behind this statement...   :rofl:


But I've had super good luck with this stuff (see below) as well. It's clear and is sort of squishy. It will hold any emblem or trim piece on, as long as the paint below it is not chalky/oxidized. My last 510 had every single emblem stuck on with this stuff. Two year, two wrecks, and a rollover and none of them came off. In fact, after the rollover I had to pry the emblems off to get them unstuck. 



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Disregard, pics showed up, just took a long time. 


Sorry, just in case it disappears again, it was 3M Super Weatherstrip Adhesive for the goop, 3M Scotch Clear Mounting Tape for the good double-stick. 


I like to post pics rather than descriptions so that there's no mistaking if you bought the right thing.   ^_^

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I just picked up a pretty clean 1980 200sx with 77,000 original miles . Im looking to lower it but cant find any info on the internet so far. Will 280zx struts work in the front? Or should I just do coilovers on my stock struts? What about the rear cant find any lowering springs

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Will 280zx struts work in the front? 




Or should I just do coilovers on my stock struts? 




What about the rear cant find any lowering springs


FWIW, there are lots of companies that offer aftermarket springs in several diameters, including 2.25", 2.5", 3", 4", and 5". One of those is bound to fit. Need to measure spring ID then start shopping around. 


Or if you're good with a welder, put a 2" OD stub on the body and a 2.5" ID stub on the axle, then just install a threaded collar and 2.5" ID spring back there too. Would need pretty short springs though. 

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