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1977 620 KingCab Deluxe

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How about an update. 


Took advantage of Black Monday or whatever and got Red a Christmas Present from Futofab. 


Rear sway bar kit. Still too cold to install it outside and my garage/office is a disaster.

Hopefully I can get my shop built if we make it through this craziness. 




Other than that still driving it and enjoying. Did have an issue with the knock sensor, but OBD1 works great and running awesome again. 

Some pics from the last few months. 






Neighborhood flood



Daily driving... well once or twice a week anyways. 😄



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So many years ago, I gave this bike to a motorcycle enthusiast friend of mine. He sent me an email recently offering it back, he needed to make room for a new purchase. 

As me and my brother rode this bike when we were kids, I couldn't pass it up. 

Yamaha L5T Trailmaster

Will be getting it running again for my nephews. 






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6 hours ago, Soundline said:

7 months and no pictures... don’t tell me you sold this bad boy. 

Also, that yellow Toyota is amazing.


Sure did not, actually drove it to a Datsun meet yesterday.


Had a good chat with the owner, real nice guy. 

Bought it new and uses it for camping and road trips. 

He has another one that was his work truck since almost new that he is restoring now that he is retired. 


5 hours ago, hobospyder said:

He wouldn't sell it, he's just been busy with green lately. And it's wet out


Decided not to sell it the first time I was offered a wad of cash lol. 

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When I was a lad, there was one of those Toyota’s behind a store I worked security at.  It was a guys shop truck for his handyman business.  This was back in the late 90’s. 

I’m a truck dork so I drooled over it.  

Glad to see there’s still some social interaction going on out there, and that this red beast is still prowling WA streets.

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On 3/22/2021 at 12:08 AM, Soundline said:

7 months and no pictures...





Hangin with a buddy for a bit. 🙂








Doing work as needed. 





It has been rainy as hobo said.





Went on a mission to rescue a 2wd rear toyota truck axle housing and shafts for the beercan. 

Someones trash was my treasure. 











Some nice days too. 




Made a trip to Whidbey, got some pics of Mt Erie and Pass Lake









Then it snowmageddoned for the weekend. 









Then had a day out to the junkyard with another buddy




Hit the carwash while I was waiting. 










Daily Driving (well a couple days a week)







and some shots from the meet this weekend. 







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That’s a REALLY clean D21 Nissan, I think I’ve seen it in the background on Ratsun... more than once... in Ice threads. 

Once I finish my 89’ Toyota Pickup I’d like to look for a nice early 80’s project like that black one. 

The lowered 4Runner is great. Whoever has that has a sense of humor. 

Your 620 is great Redeye, I’m a huge fan.  I hope mine comes out as well.  Did you paint the tailgate?

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Yeah, that is Icehouses workhorse. 

The black one is overdue for a body swap. 🙂

Same guy owns both of the Toyota's, sense of humor is fully engaged. The 4runner was my moms at one point. 


Thanks, it's always a work in progress. The tailgate is a stock white one with red vinyl. 

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I’ve done enough body work since I was 15 to choke a horse.... filled with Trojan Warriors.  That’s why I bought my slightly rusty 620. I don’t fear hard work in retirement.  Black, dented Toyota’s don’t scare me. 

I started body work and paint on a 1968 Bronco I paid $400 for... feel free to determine when that was and what shape that it was in... lol


I’m sorting out my paint kit now, once I finish detailing my new kit, post divorce, I’ll show you my work.  If you guys have another local meet I’m happy to come over and hang out.  If my 620 is in pieces I’ll be in the blue WRX, I’d love to see some of the local cars.  Maybe hangout with @hobospyder again.

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shit redeye is over on this side of the mountains with me and it's been..... i don't know how long since i've seen him at this point actually. i wanna say october or november. if we have a meet on a saturday i'm more likely to show up but sundays are out for me since i work that night and most often the meet is down in tacoma. need to get cracking on little miss or i'd have to take the 300zx on a nice day.

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1 minute ago, Soundline said:

Pick a spot closer to you next month @hobospyder  From @]2eDeYe YouTube video I think he’s somewhere north of Seattle.  Pick a NW WA location and see if anyone shows. 

Worst case I’ll be in the WRX. 

i know exactly where redeye is at, he's kinda on my way home from work actually


the southenders want us to wait until sunny weather to have one up this way i think.

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