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1977 620 KingCab Deluxe

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My jack cover is on its way to Slodat to get dissected and he's going to be making me a total of 3 covers. If you would like a jack cover I would suggest shooting him a PM. :)



Truck is back together, having some gauge issues but hopefully they will get sorted when Jeff rewires the motor. Not sure why but the tach just went to 4000 and stayed there. Probably used the wrong signal or something. I disconnected it and it's been slowly going back down. 


The steering wheel I was going to use turned out to be to small, so I have a bare ST wheel mounted for now. 



Anyways here's some pics. 


















Finally out of the garage again. 





Out on a drive to pick up the grandkid from the Y.






Drove it in to work today too, so much fun to drive. :cool:

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Put red to work this weekend. Really need to drop it off at Jeffs :lol:


Pulled the canopy off for the moment. 





Moving the bike over to my sons house so we can pull the carbs for rebuild. 







Brought home a couple of big rounds to replace my splitting base rounds. 





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Thanks guys. 


The gate is white with cut red vinyl. There are pics showing the installation process buried somewhere in this thread :lol: 


I am hoping the stars align and it can go to Jeffs this weekend. Depends on his parking situation :rofl: 

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Personally not a thing better! I'd keep the camper off as well as take off that sticker on the center console. But you do you and enjoy you it! I can't wait to finish my custom dash for a tit pics like this. I have a bench seat in my goon so it won't look as good

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Yeah, it was too much work turning that wheel. :lol:

Running a beater ST wheel for now until I either find something better or it gets dropped off at Jeffs :)


edit: Guess I will have to get a pic for this page :rofl: 

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Yep, collector vehicle or classic plates. It's basically registered as equipment or something. It allows you to run a plate from the year of mfg. I was told because your not required to have a front plate you can us the front plate on another vehicle as well. I registered my RL411 the same way and plan to find a 1956 plate for my Chevy wagon.


Much cooler than the standard collector vehicle plates I have on the green 620 and my Jeep. 

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These engine mounts?....



2eDeYe" post="625146" timestamp="1328151538"]

I moved this thread over here to allow adding of other peoples swaps using my mounts and to help address all the little issues that come up during this swap.
This is the link to the ad in the classifieds.
Here is Version 4.0 of my KA24-620 Swap brackets. The mounts are a 3/4" drop from the factory KA mounts. They will fit the KA24E and KA24DE with stock 620 rubber motor mounts and allow you to bolt the KA to your 620. These mounts require the later style 620 rubber motor mount for the L20B.
You will still have to deal with the center link flip/ oil pan clearancing with the 240 DE swap and any other transmission issues due to your choice of transmission. This is not required when using a truck KA. If you run a 720 5-speed from behind a Z-series motor it should bolt to the stock transmission mount at the stock crossmember location.
I also have a MAF and Fuel Pump Bracket available.
All parts are steel, powder coated black and ready to install.
New Fuel Pump Bracket installed.
Reference links for the KA swap.
How to wire a KA, CA, SR, and VG into anything
KA24E into a 620
KA24DE into a 620



Here's the post about them that may answer your questions.... http://community.ratsun.net/topic/39780-620-ka24-motor-mount-brackets/

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