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1977 620 KingCab Deluxe

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That's pretty cool Steve. 


What product did you go with?


Thanks. I was looking at my crappy looking old kick panels debating painting them. I realized wrapping them would be super easy. 


It's the same material I make the ratsun stickers from, HP Adhesive Back Gloss Vinyl. I searched "Japanese Red Black" and found a desktop graphic and sized it to fit. It was either cherry blossoms or koi pond. :lol:





Looks way better now and the roughish old kick panels actually add an aged texture to the graphic. Pretty excited to see how they will look with the new carpet.  



more info?


and looking forward to the 720 carpet writeup



It's funny, I'm using a bunch of parts I bought years ago for the black truck build. Will have to get new stuff for that one. :lol:


I have the slip from the sound deadener on my desk at home. Will post up the info later today. It's already made a difference, I will be laying some inside the doors once I get the truck back out of the garage. It would be cool to do the roof as well but I'm not going to mess with the headliner. 


This stuff will get cross posted into the 620 forum as a complete writeup once I am finished, but I will post as I go here. 



Carpet out in the sun. 




Reinforced pad for the heel area under the pedals.




Attached carpet pad is fairly thick, could cover more area but it should suffice.




Shot of the bottom of the carpet. You can see what I mean about the coverage of the pad. 




At first fit this carpet is much bigger than the 620 carpet. 




Trimmed these 2 pieces out, one to clear the back side of the heater and the little one to clear the heater valve bracket. 




The carpet is molded to fit over the front seat mount structure so I indexed the carpet to that. I put a heater in the truck to help the carpet settle. I will probably let it settle a couple days (over memorial, so more like a week lol) before I start trimming for final fitment.




Quick check with the center console to get an idea how it will look. You can see how the carpet is molded to go over the front seat structure in this pic. 






I also cleaned up the side panels and the mount plates for the rear panel and painted them up. 



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Where did you get the new gas tank?


Fucking Ted! 







Just re-did the KC panels and door panels on my dads truck along with FatMat sound deadener!!


This carpet magic u have going on will have to happen as well!! Looking forward to the write up later :D



I saw that, gave me the idea to spray paint the KC side panels and that led to the wrap. :D

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  • 3 weeks later...

As you guys may or may not know, I picked up a bit of a distraction. :lol:






I've been a little slack in updates on this thread, but I have been putting time in on this thing.



Some things I've learned. 


Clean and chase all the tapped holes before starting the installation. 

Trim a little at a time and save the final trim on the front and sides til last. 

Start putting holes in from the center out and if possible put a bolt in the hole to hold the carpet in place. 


Things to consider. 


This carpet is huge and the pads are not well placed for the 620. Cutting through the pads and/or shaving it away in places is annoying and messy. 

It might be better to cut it into sections: R - L - Rear, it might not. :lol:



Pics and a bit of the story. 


I was able to get the door trim to clip over the carpet and make this pretty clean.






You have to trim pretty close to the wall to get the panels in. Otherwise the side panels stick out a bit in back and don't allow proper alignment of the back panel.








Where I ended up with the trimming. 





These were my hole making tools. Only need the straight pick to make the holes big enough for the screws, but the seat holes and a seat belt holes required cutting. 





Find hole, jam through carpet and hole.





Cut around pick while obeying all knife safety rules. :lol:







and do that for a while. Don't mind the stereo wiring.   :lol:





Right through the stock hole. 





Back panels in, I had to shave the pad from below the carpet to get this to fit properly.





Sill plate. Treated the little bit of surface rust under this side while I did the floor, no rust under the other side. 





The console bracket installed.





This bracket slips into that last one and the console gets screwed down on the other end. 





The set of holes for the console are on the right. The left set are for the "armrest" part of the console and I'll cover that later. 





Jack brackets






More pick action, no knife required on this one. You can see where the pad ends due to the shadow. Thankfully I didn't have to go through it to get to these holes. 









Jack clipped in place...




...and covered






Package tray and kick panel in, 




Passenger side sill plate and track cover






..and now I'm waiting for a new one of these guys to arrive in my mailbox and I can install the console and then the seats and steering wheel. 



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Nice bandaid there Steve. :D I take it that was the prompt for "knife safety"?


I have heard of people also melting the carpet around the screw hole with a hot pick or something to keep the carpet from winding up on the screw. 

Looks great by the way. Where did you find that jack cover? 

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Yeah, rule number 1 violation. Got excited to be working and cut towards myself :lol:


I thought about melting, but didn't want to smell that smell.


Thanks, don't remember where I came by that, it went into this one a long tome ago. :cool:

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Yeah, rule number 1 violation. Got excited to be working and cut towards myself :lol:


I thought about melting, but didn't want to smell that smell.


Thanks, don't remember where I came by that, it went into this one a long tome ago. :cool:

I've been looking for a cover for mine forever. :no:

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I like to use a cheap soldering iron to burn in all the holes on that kind of work. I get not wanting to deal with the smell though. Looks like it's coming together well.

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Working on a template for that cover, got a few more reference pics as well. Not sure who would be the best resource to hand them off to though. If I could guarantee safe return I would send this one to someone to get copied. 





This little bastard finally arrived from Thailand :lol:





After the KA install I never did get the tach hooked up. Working in getting that remedied as well as getting the stereo hooked up correctly to work on acc and have memory. 


This plug is for the tach and/or clock. Finding a mating connector for this is a pretty difficult endeavor, but I found a way to use it without cutting it off. So much nicer working on this stuff with no seat or steering wheel in the truck. 





Had some rc batteries that need to be rebuilt to remove dead cells, decided to recycle the connectors. They lock into the tach connector quite nicely. 





Made a few adapters to plug in each wire required to run the tach and one for the stereo memory. 





Once I have the stereo wires done and the dash back together I'll be able to install the consoles, rear speakers and seats. Then it's off to sit at Jeffs place until he gets sick of looking at it. :lol:

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Hey Hippy, you do every thing else, and you don't cut and sew?   :rofl:





I barely have room for the tools I have much less upholstery equipment :lol:




I own a custom upholstery shop...




PM sent. 

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