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1977 620 KingCab Deluxe

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Looking good!! I have a spare overflow tank for a 79 if u want it

Cool, thanks biggrin.gif



How much room is between ur engine/fan and radiator?

There is 3.5"s between the pulleys and the radiator frame.









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2eDeYe' date='06 August 2011 - 09:15 AM' timestamp='1312647313' post='525506']

I am debating moving the inlet over to the passenger side to clean up the upper hose. Need to get a spare radiator first though, in case it doesn't cool as well.


Steve, i will be removing my stocker in a couple of weeks. Was gone through completely a couple of years ago(when Slodat had it), But it is now in need of having the top tank resoldered. Might be a perfect start to move the upper neck on.


Let me know if it interests you.

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It's bolted up to the stock 620 motor and trany mounts. Just modified the KA metal motor mount brackets to drop it down in the front to clear the firewall. It's pretty much where the stock motor was give or take a something, something. :)

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that blows...


Thanks for the support :lol:


It might have been my neighbors mom in her Dodge Ram, but she leftSunday morning to home in Oregon and she lives in the sticks. Hoping to get a call today.


Either way it will be fixed. :)

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2eDeYe' date='03 October 2011 - 07:25 PM' timestamp='1317695111' post='556970']

So I spend all day Saturday trying not to dent my new toy in the woods...





...to wake up to this on Sunday morning :sick:






The core support should be ok. We shall see... sad.gif




at least its getting fixed

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When you have time post the details of the new toy, I have enjoyed reading about the red trucks build nice work, :) I didn't even think that Datsun had a Kingcab back then, ;) so I will add that to my want list along with a 510, and why does it seem there is so many older Datsun's in the Pacific Northwest? dry.gif

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