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210's UNITE!!!!!!!!!


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Your carb shouldn't have anything to do with fuel getting up to it.


The fuel system is simple. Only three possible failures.


1) blockage - could be anywhere from the pick up all the way up to the pump. Blow pressurized air through the lines from the front.


2) leaks - something has holes in it or is loose, not always easily found.


3) bad pump - don't care if its new, could still be bad pump

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Make sure that the rubber fuel lines at the tank  and under the hood are not rotted out..  If there are any holes what so ever it will suck air and not fuel   <-------wtf ?


There are several "vent" lines back there too if those are cracked/broken you may get fuel smell in your car.


Check it and come back

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Gosh, I love your car.

What he said.  :wub:


Thanks guys! it photographs better than it actually is.


Hey, since I have some attention in the 210 thread, is anyone interested in the stockers from my car? came with a full set of steelies with beauty rings and caps as well as two snow tires



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Im sorry if this has been answered, but what suspension is this on? Cut springs in front or coilovers?

 280zx front coilovers and cut front spring from a 260z? in the rear. I don't recall the exact car they came from as they were laying around the shop and I wanted to keep the factory spring uncut. Stock shocks in the rear and toyota Mr2 in the front



Car is for sale btw

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Do you have a CL ad for the sale of this?

I do not currently have it on craigslist, asking $4,000 with either wats, mk1's or meshies. Also the full stock suspension and wheels will be included. Will consider offers and trades as well

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Drive it here, drive a 521 home.





That is the plan. Not going anywhere.


I woke up this morning with the 521 sitting right in front of my porch.

Pretty cool seeing that again.





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