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210's UNITE!!!!!!!!!


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Nah, its like a Chevrolet with a Ferrarri engine ...


Nope, try a ford mustang with a chevy motor in it!


Not easy finding 14x7 wheels. 



Will it be just as bad to put an L motor in it as well?


Seen my 14inch Advans yet and hell no, I'm about to do a NapZ swap in my 210 with a dual side draft set up. It will be sweet!

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L18 with SUs for me. Just need to find a short L trans. 

Already have the A10 crossmember. 


Lucky! I was going to do an L16 til John traded me for the NapZ with dogleg 5 spd, best part is the motor and trans should be a straight drop, no holes to cut or mounts to mod.

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Yeah, I know the A10 is a straight bolt in. You'd need to have it because the L motor is a rear sump, the A motor is front sump, just like the NapZ motor. Once Nismo fest passes, my A motor comes out along with all the drive train and the NapZ goes in. You should really be hunting for the A10 gauges with Tach, plugs up and is a perfect fit for our model 210's.

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I hate you...but in a good way! XD That is sweet but from a latter year? Not sure where the links can be found but DatsunFreak is the one who told me all about this. You should hit him up for info because when it comes to the 79-83 210, he knows them well what will swap into them. I think it's certain year A10's that have direct fitment into the 79-80 round headlight 210. I'll check to see if I can find it for you.

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I have the full gauge set from the later A10 also. It will work you say?


It's basically a bolt-in for the square headlight cars. So you may need to at least find a later dash (assuming yours is round eye, will go look in a minute) and maybe a later dash harness. 

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