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210's UNITE!!!!!!!!!


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I love me some 210s. :P


My first car ever was a tan '79 2dr, then a few years later bought a brown '81 wagon, then a few years later bought a maroon '81 2dr, then a few years later bought a brown '82 4dr, then a few years later bought a tan '81 sport coupe... :lol:



The last one, the sport coupe:








Somewhere I have pics of the two of the others, off to dig for them now... :P

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yeah, i dont want to spend a fortune on tires but i need something much smaller...... and the seats are actually out of a s14 240sx i used to have. I even changed out the floor braces from the 240 so now any universal mount for a 240 will work. I really love the round front headlight, but i like the 80 tail lights better than mine.

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This is My daily driver, Come a long way since i got it, but its got further to go yet!

WISH we got 2 door verions over here, those are bad-ass

Here it is, latest to oldest..backwards i know, but hey.

Its an A12 4speed, goes really well for what it is, canes my old 1.2 powered Fords and Toyotas. Im just building an A15 for it at the moment. Ill also lower it alot more.

Wheels are 14x6 Watanabes, suspension is Cut coils which are still captive.




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My 1982 with 134K on it. repainted it from white and rust






to this color and its going to get painted again.







Factory seats were junk so they were replaced with Escort GT buckets. Other than the Toyota Teta rims and redone exhaust its pretty much stock.

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You get rear ended? The bumper looks jacked up.



Its got gay plastic end caps that were coming unglued, i since tidied them up. It was just how it was when i got it. The chrome portion isnt that flash but useable!

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