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Bleach's Blue House of Horror Golden Gardens Datsun Sleepover Pizza Party!


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First official Ratsun.net event


Federal Way, WA 98003


Saturday March 24th 2007, 4:00pm - all night


Event ends with trip to Golden Gardens park on Sunday morning

(event is also listed on our calendar)


Space for sleeping indoors will be provided. Some matresses are available.


Pizza will be provided. Please bring some drinks to share. Plenty of parking for all on the property. Lowered vehicles use caution when entering the driveway... it is not real smooth


I believe the final word was that we plan to be a GG park at 8:00 am on Sunday so we'll be leaving the house by 7:15am

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As corny as it sounds, I swear sleep overs are a guaranteed adventure. Fun is too subjective for this eclectic group. I can see it now.. My truck will get lowered while I'm taking a piss or something...

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Bleach, can I call dibs on a bunk bed?


Also, what do you guys drink? PBR? Boones? A cheapo bottle of vino? Kool Aid? Jungle Juice? Mad Dog? A little spiked punch?


Do we need to bring towels for a shower? Nevermind, who takes showers?


As a side note, for anyone thinking they may be funny and try to do the ole "shaving cream/hand in a bowl of water" thing, I would like you to consider not opening that can of worms. We are not the kind of people to mix like that with. We do silly shit like put >200HP turbo drivetrains in 35+ year old economy commuter cars. Meaning, you may not want to find out what tricks this group has up their sleeves.

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I only deal in five lugz....


I'm in the big league now


Icehouse, I think I might make some games. We can have a few overhead drawings of Datsuns with no hood on. I'll make up some little SR, CA, and RB engines to pin on them. :D fun fun

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Jeff, with all due respect, if you and Holly had the top bunk, I wouldn't want to be in the bottom bunk either :eek: !


you wouldn't want to get sea sick haha. That things gonna be rock'n :D


P.s. You coming down jason? You could test fit the 15's to..

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Jeff, the thing'd probably come down with you two at it :) ! Dunno man, I'd like to, but, I don't know if I can get some time right now. Too many things on the go. 'Sides, those meshies, they be hard to clean man, I'm a slack ass when it comes to stuff like that, hell, generally I'm a slack ass :D !

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Yah, Kevin, Jeff thinks they look better than my slots :P ! I have to say I still like the look of the old "D" slots, too bad the offset wasn't say +20mm, then I could run some decent sized rubber. With the 0 offset I'm good for perhaps 175 - 185's in 14" on them :cool: . Mind, at least I have choices in the 14" eh!

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Kevin, you have to have a real motor to move 17" wheels man.... I'm running a L16 with a stock downdraft :eek: ! Even I say it's a little slow and Jeff knows what kind of a pussy driver I am :D !

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