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Truck Photo Galleries


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This thread is to link the Photo Gallery threads that BEEBANI put together for us...


Please keep the chatter to a minimum in the Galleries. Let the pic's do the talkin...


320 Gallery


Ute Gallery


520 Gallery


521 Gallery


620 Old Skool Gallery


620 Customs Gallery


4X4 620 Gallery


720 Gallery

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Top Posters In This Topic

Beebani................... Just a suggestion as there are now HUNDREDS of 620 photos, maybe 620 catagorys such as, and make people posting ONLY put photos matching THOSE catagorys,

1. stock

2. 70's vintage

3. 80s vintage. The 80s had a totally different look than the 70s

4 unique 620s such as the "U" model, fourdoor photos and trucks with beds like the recent "Greek" truck photos

5. dealer brochure/ad photos Also a photo in this catagory would be the photo (overhead) of those trucks at the port dock & 620s on the train

6. maybe interior only photos here

7. engine bay photos

8. accessory photos such as wheels (generation 1,2 etc.) each fiberglass type (only 1 or 2 GOOD photos of each) that were ever made (for refrence and history accuracy)

8. accessorys offered such as stepside beds and the "California Sunshine" trucks.

9. recent photos (from the last 10 years or so)


Please keep in mind that I have now HUNDREDS of magazines to be scanned from Japan and the U.S. There will be MANY 620 photos added in the years to come. My thought is that We can find EXACTLY what We are looking for easier with catagorys such as these. That's My 2 cents.

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This mornings "discovery" made Me think of this,

section 10. 620 offroad trucks. Anything "lifted", 4X4, or pre-runner style


And maybe, just maybe a section devoted solely to motor conversions, V6, V8 or other than "L" series in the engine compartment.

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how about if we just let each person have an individual thread for their 620 collection(No Duplicates unless necessary) and just have a sticky with the links to each individuals thread?


No matter what, the 620's are going to eat up a lot of storage apace.

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Can You "move" all photos that We've sent in? Or do We have to re-do them all? Also, I've said this before, there are a LOT of photos on another forum that are going to disappear unless We save them now. Many that Bleach and David posted years ago are long gone. The servers that they were on ar long gone. Ideas?????

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i wasn't sure where to put this so i'm puttin it here...




from http://speedhunters.com/archive/2008/12/11/gallery-gt-gt-more-from-the-mooneyes-yokohama-show.aspx


feel free to edit/remove this post after the pic is properly placed


another interesting old datsun...




from http://speedhunters.com/archive/2008/12/09/event-gt-gt-yokohama-hot-rod-amp-custom-car-show-pt-2.aspx

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tnip.......... That gold one is a U620. Can You post that photo here???




Man, that's a NICE one. It is My DREAM 620 vehicle. Someday, MAYBE someday, I can get one over here!! I would trade just about any of My 620s to get a U620 somehow!!!

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