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How to bead your own intercooler pipes

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I've read a bunch of threads about ebay intercoolers and pipes, beaded, unbeaded, glueing them, scoring the pipes so they grip the silicone couplers, etc. The main complaint people had, was the unbeaded pipes coming undone


Here's the "how to" section of this post: First you'll need some materials you will probably be able to find around your garage.

1) A large thick washer.

2) A saddle from a muffler clamp.

3) A large pair of vise grips that you don't want to use as vise grips anymore.

4) A welder or someone who can do a two minute welding job for you.


I took the washer to the bench grinder first, and rounded the "business edge" of it so it wouldn't gouge the pipe inside. The rest is pretty self explanitory by looking at the pics.


Do a little bit of simple gringing cutting and welding until you have something that looks like this:




When you place your saddle into the vise grip, make sure it's square to the washer, and try to grind the jaw of the vise grip in a manner that allows you to bottom out the pipe in the jaw for a quick accurate bead placement. Too close to the pivot of the pliers, and your bead will be too near the edge. (if that's possible) Too far, and you won't have much leverage. (helpful when working with steel pipes)


Now you have a fully adjustable pipe beading tool that works on steel or aluminum piping. You can turn the adjuster bolt to select how deep of a bead you want, and I even was able to use it to flange an exhaust pipe by simply not sliding it onto the tool all the way.



I used a 2.5" muffler clamp because thats what size my IC pipe was, but it worked fine on the 2" steel J-pipe I fabricated, and was great for flaring the 2.5" up to 3" pipe during fabrication of my exhaust downpipe




This info was from http://www.dsmtuners.com/forums/articles-turbo-system-intercooler/307563-how-bead-your-own-intercooler-pipes.html


saw it and thought it was a great idea and ratsun like

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Now that there is so ratsun! I have to say that's this weeks winner of the rat award. Kudos. ;)

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Great idea and writeup! I don't have an intercooler However I know I can use this technique on a myriad of projects! :thumbup:

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Awesome idea, when I pull mine off next time I'm doing this!

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Nicely done. The bead turned out really clean :cool:

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NICE!!!! Just like the New Yanky Workshop!!!! :)

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dude you got some skill i never knew you had.....one of the best i seen yet....good job now build us some more...did this come to ya like the flux capasitor..lol

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