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Project 620 - Build Thread


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There are all of the pictures I took when i got her back from Oregon. The bed is back on and the next phase of the project is to get the drive train installed. Then we tweak the whole setup for the street. 



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Sweet ride , I have a couple of questions , how many LBS are your springs Front and Rear ? .

Are you running the stock master cylinder for those calipers ?

Thanks Fast720

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QA1 Coilover Springs are rated as follows:


Front - 450lbs. Each side

Rear - 250lbs. Each side


The stock MC is not adequate for this upgrade. I bought a Wilwood 1" bore MC with a single reservoir tank.


Some guys run a '79 to '81 280zx MC but the Wilwood provides better pressure for the 4 pistons up front and big 2 piston calipers in rear. If you were to run just front discs, the 280zx MC would work just fine.

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Thanks for the info , I have QA1's also they are 550 lbs FR and 250 lbs Rear , i hope the fronts are enough , it still has a lot of stuff to go on the truck yet .

I am also running the Nissan 4 piston calipers on the front and 300ZX Z32 2 piston on the rear , with the stock 1984 720 master bore size 15/16 with booster .

Your 3 link rear setup is very clean , and your front lower control arms are sweet , are they aftermarket ?

Thanks for the reply

Cheers Fast720

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550 lbs. each side for a 720 is plenty especially if it is 2wd. Unless you plan on stuffing a small block Buick 215 or a Ford 302 (aluminum heads) you should have plenty of weight bearing load capabillity. My truck weighs just under 3k with me in it. Your 720 is a bit heavier but still under 3500lbs I am sure. The L18 weighs in with all accessories just under 300 - around 270-80 I believe. The G54B going in with accessories will clock a little over 300 so the weight load is pretty close.  


Guys have had good luck with 15/16 inch bore on 4 disc - we are talking 1/16th of an inch difference. My application is full custom so I opted for the Wilwood and have good experiences with thier gear. The rear is actually a 4 link counting the lateral struts off the rear of the diff but its the same difference...

The front suspension is completely aftermarket per se but is designed, engineered, and constructed by BeeBani (forum member). It is a combination of home grown, pre-fab, and well known parts from a 300ZX and other vehicles.


All of the LCA work is his design and boxed into the existing frame. Pretty trick! The truck should handle and absorb the road like a modern car. Much better than kinpins and torsions which were riding on bump stops I had it so low - back jarring bumps. 



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