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12A ROTARY in the Datto

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So my car is just about to be done with a complete Rotary Swap :D , 5 speed tranny and LSD Rearend.

Right now just waiting for a simple add ons to be connected.


I will Post Pictures when its all done. Figure I'll post this, someone later on might wanna do this to their 210.\


And also my L320 I will have those up later on when its done also. Still working on the Motor Mounts and hooking up the tranny and Motor. Its also a 12A Swap on this one.

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Great! Brings me joy to think about that little dude tearing around New England! Are you keeping the old drivetrain around?


Look forward to pics!



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Yes I am keeping the Little Old A15 and automatic tranny. Maybe I can use it for another project some day.

The car was an auto but its now a 5 speed. Just added the Clutch pedal yesterday with CLutch Cylinder, so thats all set.


The Motor, tranny and Rear end i got all from an Rx7. Motor and Tranny from a 1982 and the LSD Rear End from a 1985 GSL-SE. The LSD isnt going to be on it for a while until I test to see how that car really moves as it is with this swap.


As for my 210 right now. Just got the New Exedy Clutch Kit in yesterday and everything is being put it now.

As for mods its got: Racing Beat Intake, Holley 600cfm Carb, MSD SS Blasters, Front mount oil Cooler, Holley Black Fuel Pump with Regulator. PSI will be set at 7 for now. But it can be adjusted to the max that the fuel pump can throw at it.


In the future Hopefully a Turbo Kit.


The car should be done by Wednesday.

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Bad News people. I had put everything on the car, all the wiring. I went to go turn it over and the front rotor blew a seal. Has barely no compression now. I figure I should let you guys no whats up.

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I might be interested in it. I have another Rotary laying in my garage that I gotta go pick up and maybe i'll put it on that one. How much you looking to get? I kinda have no cash right now to buy more stuff for my car but in about a week or 2 I'll have some cash to spend.


If you can send me a pic that would be great, thanks.

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yeah when i get back to my shop i will ask my boss what he wants for it and get a pic. im in charge of selling all is extra crap... and there is a lot of it.


Alright Thanks. If its a decent price for me, I would probably have money by next week or so.

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Yes that is my home away from home. Thank you! I put lots of time and good thing a little money for doing most of the work myself. It helps also that I have many friends that is in the business of fabricating and auto parts owner that can hook me up for discounts. I love the kamakazi paint job in the hood of your 510. I use to have the same kamakazi paint job from the front of the car to the back on my 1974 Mazda RX3 back in the days. I have a photo in my Cardomain site check it out its in page 3. Thanks again for the kind words.



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Nice to see someone in the Eastcoast with another 12a in their 210. I have a 12a in my 79 210...running pretty good with a Holley carb...got a little bit of running rich problem causing it to stall. Probably going to have to rebuild the carb and maybe replace the fuel pressure regulator as it it looks like it has stopped working. I have the tranny of a 85 RX with the rear end of a 80 210. Keep us posted on your progress.

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i got some pics of mine. Sorry to everyone. I havent been in the Computer in a while.


But yeah mine has a Holley 600. With the racing beat intake and a 2inch Carb Riser.

The way mine is right now is pretty much All Top End Power. So it opens up very well.








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Car still has a few more things that I gotta do to make it legit.


Im redoing the Gauge Cluster with Summit Racing Gauges and I put on the Speedometer from the Rx7. I will have pics of the Gauge Cluster when its all done.

Has: Oil Pressure, Water Temp, Voltmeter, Fuel Gauge, Fuel Pressure Gauge.

and the Autometer tach I will mount on the Dashboard.

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Today is the worst day of my life. Just when I thought I had it all ready to go, the damn front rotor on my 12A engine has nothing for compression.

I have no cash for a rebuilt kit, so its over for now.


SO the dream of having a Rotary in the datsun is over, time to put it back how it came out from the factory. A15 Power!!!


This is the second Rotary motor that Broke. The first one Blew an Apex Seal and now this one shows me no compression.

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Sorry to hear that. This is my 4th rotary and never had so much problem your having. All my rotary engine lasted past 100,000 miles, one with running 100hp shot of NOS. I did blow one out at the Dyno, because the Dyno place air/fuel mixture was faulty. They lean my motor so much that after it pop they still keep trying to start the engine. That motor had 60,000 miles. Then again I always rebuild my motor first before I put it in to make sure that it will last. Make sure you have a good rotary engine builder. Hope you get your rotary engine running again someday. Good Luck!


Make sure to go to SevenStock this year. Here is a little news about it.




Attention ALL Rotary Fanatics and Enthusiasts!


The SoCalRX Club is announcing that SevenStockXIII is officially a go and will be held on Saturday, September 18, 2010! This year we celebrate the future of the Rotary Engine!


The SoCalRX Club, along with Mazda USA will again host the BIGGEST ROTARY SHOW in the World! Come on out and join the legions of Rotary Enthusiasts on this special day of Rotary celebration on the grounds of Mazda Corporate Headquarters in Irvine, CA. Vendors and RE enthusiast from around the globe, including Japan, Australia, and Europe .

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yeah it really sucks. Well the first motor, i have no idea how it broke down, because all I did was try and start it and see if it turned over cause I was checking all the electrical and then I guess one of the Apex seals broke. I had the motor running before I took it out of my 82 rx7 but that car did get the crap beaten out of. The second motor I had it sitting for over 2 years. I had it filled with a bit of oil and I would always turn it a couple of times ever since. So now I put that motor in and it turns great. Started right up with a holley 600.

then I start adding all my gauges and 2 MSD 6A boxes with MSD Blaster coils and bought $50 worth of spark plugs cause I thought I had it all set and next thing you know the car starts to sound way different, before it sounded like " Brap brap brap brap, then like 3 days after that motor was started it made a quieter sound and it didnt even wanna rev up anymore.


I have 3 12A rotaries that I will later in the future Rebuild. 1 of them Im definately going all out with it. Until then I will go back to my A15 and add a turbo to that.

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