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Fools Swap Meet


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DatsunsNW is hosting the Fools Swap Meet Sunday, April 1st 10am - 2pm at Tonkin Wilsonville Nissan.


There will be a bbq provided by the nice people at Tonkin Wilsonville Nissan.


Bring your parts that you have been meaning to get out of the garage so you can get your ride ready for Canby and sell them to the guy who needs those parts to get his rig ready for the show!


The last one was a ton of fun and we had a great turn out.


This is a no charge event. Bring your Datsun/Nissan parts and have a good time!


There will be space to show off your car while you swap.

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I have some goodies too!


I will have a complete set of front/rear disc brakes with Porterfield R4S pads 280ZX front calipers, 200SX rear calipers and drilled/slotted/zinc washed rotors. The rears include control arms with the caliper brackets welded on... Good setup.


Anyway, before I threadjack.

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Wilsonville is the 1st and 2nd exits going south right after 205 meets back up with I-5, if I am not mistaken the car dealerships are the 1st exit the town is the 2nd....dont quote me on this, hell I live in Seattle...:D

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What are you referring to? The link is to the club (DatsunsNW) that is putting on the swap meet. Is that what you mean? I posted the details of the swap meet.


Yes by clicking the link I successfully mad it to DatsunNW but from there I could not find any hint of the event.... found the link for Canby and one other event. I was also going to ask if you are in the group photo?



Is there going to be a train heading that way? I am interested in going.

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Is there going to be a train heading that way? I am interested in going.


Iceman, by now you should know that I'll pick your ass up at the train station and Datto Taxi your ass around. :D Hell, I'll even store parts if you pick something up.


swap meet last year was great. i'll see if i can make it again. do we have the oppertunity to donate for swap meet spots again?


When the old man (the guy that helps get this arranged) and I very briefly discussed this in email, we agreed that a free event was a good idea. Personally, I like a no charge event. To me, that says "Let's get together and swap some parts, check out cars and talk shop". It ensures no one has to wonder who is pocketing the $10/spot.


Tedd (one D or two DD's?), if more than a handful of people say the same thing with respect to wanting to donate some $$, we can revisit the issue.

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Bleach - maybe you can work out a deal with the Iceman to shuttle some parts down. You know he's a cheap bastard, so it just might work. Think of it... you don't even have to deal with the bickering penny pinching Datsun people ;)


Ted - I understood that you would happily donate. I really like the idea of no charge for this one. I think it is consistent with trying to get people out, etc. Plus that's $10 more for buying parts!

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