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Ratsun shifter knob. See first page for ordering info

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Ratsunites are threading them onto their shifters. No one told you, Skib? I got one, and it's nicely polished.



I have not seen any! this thread just quietly sank into the depths........



the 620 neeeeeeds one :lol:

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I have the red and white ones.......thats it for now. Pm me if you guys want one. I will get some different colors on the next order. But I do not want to order more before the ones I have are sold. Shipping the us will be 5 dollars or less. That is using a bubble envalope. 2-10 days shipping time.(usps) Price of the shifter knobs is 30 dollars.

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The colors I have now are.....


Red with black logo

White with black logo


Colors on order..... should be here in 2-3 weeks

Black with white logo

Blue with white logo

Green with white logo




If anyone wants one of these PM me.





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Dude, Chris, you shoulda showed me these knobs when I came to get the parts monday!! Fisrt time I saw this thread. I mighta bought one!! Dang.



Yes i should have......i totally spaced that one out. Well you know where to find me if you want one...

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