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Ratsun shifter knob. See first page for ordering info

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Ok this info is from Page 5. I decided to update the first post so there is not a bunch of stuff to go thru to get to what i am actually selling now......


Red with black logo


Red with white logo


White with black logo


blue with white logo


Green with white logo


black with white logo


Yellow with white logo


Yellow with black logo


Orange with black logo


orange with white logo


purple with white logo
















More colors availble. See pic below



How to order


The shifter knob is 30 dollars. Shipping will be 3 dollars thru the postal service (in the us) it takes 2-10 days. Or i can ship ups from work for 6 dollars and it will take 3 days or less. I am willing to ship outside of the US, shipping will be more expensive, that will be handled when order is placed.....The shifter Knob comes with a jam nut and a plastic washer. WHEN INSTALLING THESE SHIFTER KNOBS DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN......I will need the following info if you would like to order one.


email address for a paypal request. I will need your shipping info. and i will need to know what thread size you need. And the color


if you have anymore questions feel free to ask. thanks



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Nope its not. Its printed. I am told that you could actually use these for playing pool with and not chip the logo. Icehouse and i were thinking about selling them, so we can get some money for the site and throwing a bbq of sorts. We have not figured out a price yet..... We wanted to see how much interest there is before ordering more.

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I can't wait to sport mine :)


I think it would be cool to sell them so we can make some money for Kevin's next BBQ up here. I know he always pays for the sight and does all the foot work. Not to mention they just look bad ass :)

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