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datsun swap met newak ca 04 18 10


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well here we go again there is no events on this month so we deside to have a swap met ones more here in newark

37444 sycamore st newark ca 94560

sunday 04 18 2010 staring at 8:00am untill whenever

we had one few months ago and it was ok


well so far dave parel from sacramento is coming with carbon fiver parts door panels kik panels well all arround spoilers ect ect

hopefully james jonson and J from sac too, may be DGR dan from redwood city

plus all the guys here in the soth bay mario, alex (zhiguly) francisco may be rods discount my self hector and alot of other people

$5 bucks to sell, free showing and parking spots

plentie of parking lot

if u dont need to sell or buy anything at the moment just show up to show ur car and have some chat with other datsun guys

francisco's wife may be selling some hot dogs water sodas or something like that

all datsun are welcome 210 510 240 260 280 411 610 710 810 521 520 620 1200

u dont need reservation just show up u dont need to know people to come just introduce ur self and thats it we are friendly hoping to make this mostly like a family thing get together

so hope to see alot of u guys

hector virrueta

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Just want to add that last time we held this meet we posted with only a few days before hand and still had a good turn out of sellers even though it was on the same weekend as the bigger swap meet in So Cal. Nothing going on this time around so there should be more sellers out there...so plan on coming out to buy/sell/show.


See you guys there!

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Cool, Bay area swapmeets are great, maybe because there are alot of Datsuns in the Bay. Victory and i will be there for sure. NO plans but this swap meet for that weekend looking forward to it. Maybe we will see some of the bay area BIG DATSUN HEADS, Dan, Rob, Troy are your ears burning. I'll give DGR a call. My wife and i are Datsun junkies, she just told me she wants a 411 4 door now, WOW :huh: . I'm looking. Beer can we bring beer if we get a designated driver. Key words kids, if you drink don't fucking drive :angry: . As always if you need something special give me a call. :D

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I have a set of the bumper brackets and rear filler panel for a goon $40 for all, let me know if i should load it up for the swap meet


That would be awesome! Now Ill be there for sure LOL I don't know if Ill be able to get away from the family, So I might be the only guy there with a ratsun Baby and GF. :)

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I am new to this site. I live in Fremont and want to move some of my Datsun parts. Most are Z car parts some 510,620 pickup. How can I participate in the swap?




Charlie you just show up and pick out your spot (the earlier you get there the more of a choice spot you'll get). There's a $5 seller's spot fee, other than that just cruise over with your stuff and you're set.

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Victory and i will be there, but we decided to only drive the White Knight. We will be in a caravan from Sac town to the meet. So if you want to roll lets all hook up. We are 5 cars deep already. Wow should be a great show.

Bring something to trade for that 68 emblem, anything;

And I am bringing my :unsure: rubber collection :blink: if anyone is interested

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