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Laurel C30

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Here it is:





1971, 1.8 liter 4 cilinder engine, needs a bit of work, but is running nicely.

Just bought this a month or two ago, now looking for parts to get it ready for a little rebuild.

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Thank you all :)


It is in a pretty good condition, it has been rebuild about 10 years ago, but unfortunately not to a very high standard so i will have to do it again. But as you can imagine parts for it are hard to find, very hard..

The plates are Dutch.

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The new engine was brought yesterday, it is an sr20de form an S15 Silvia. RWD, non turbo, reliable and modern :)

Will start swapping it over next week, will swap complete front S13 front suspension and brakes too.

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Yep, they were developed at the same time the 510 was... Prince designed the Laurel whereas Nissan developed the 510. Its a good looking car. A friend of mine owns one in Europe. 

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It looks like a 510 indeed, just a bit larger :)


Where in Europe is your friend, i know of one in the Netherlands, one in Switzerland and two in Norway.

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Yeah, I cant remember where he picked it up at. He was in the US Army and has jumped around Europe. He settled in Norway and is working on the Laurel. He says it will be a very very long build though. Parts are hard for him to find and hes doing a full and complete restore so hes looking for perfect parts. I havent talked to him in a bit though, maybe hes made good progress. 


Yours looks great. Cant wait to see more work. 

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Parts are very hard to find, it might look like a 510 but nothing from a 510 fits on a C30. I have the same problem.

Just have to be very carefull with the parts i have i guess.

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Fixed the tension rod problem i had:




and fixed most of the steering issues today, connected the Laurel steering to the s14 steering:



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Hello! My first post to this site. First sorry my bad english (I am from Finland). I found this forum, because I have a right side front fender to sell to Datsun 1800(C30). And it is only thing left from the car I had 25 years ago. I thought, that someone here may need part like that. I dont know, is here  in Finland any C30 left, so its useless for me.

Part is new (bought it 1987) :thumbup: , unused and in good condition.Littlebit fiberglass and rust in front(see pics). Locates in Finland. Here is pics and link to finnish marketsite:






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So here we are, 3 years later.


Car has bean sitting in the garage for all this time. Today i took the dusty cover off and pulled it out of the corner.

Just before i put it in the corner 3 years ago i installed an SR20 . Never finished that. Took the motor out today and made an appointment with a restoration company to do some metal work on this. Time to get her back on the road.






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