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Factory option 510 "map light"

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i posted this is the guys WTB thread after i thought about i decieded to post it here and not jack the guys thread


are you looking for a map lioght???? dose it have to be NOS???


no you say??


well heres your fix


i made my own... its ALMOST the exact same knob as the heater if you notice when you flip the knob upside down it almost lines right up... then i just re-wired an extra heater switch i had. and made my own bulb housing out of a old glove box light i had laying around... i was going to do a write up but was too stuck on jsut building the thing cuz i did it the same time i put my gauges where the radio went. oh well maybe one day ill do it again and ill take the time to do a lil write up. however it was pretty self explainitory that i could make one my self and not spend the 75+ the go for on e bay





also notice i did not build something to keep all the light from escaping.. going to have to get a better solution for that my light housing did not have aything shrouding the light


the heater knob dont line up perfect and the switch and will go past the "on" position becuz it used to be a heater switch with 4 switch modes... but a cool option for that could be used as a switch for other things if your handy with a volt meter and a test light anthings posible...



if your looking for a OEM unit i hope you find one cuz i still would not mind finding the "right" unit for the "right" price... however i just threw that out their for those of you who may not be able to find one or just have the extra parts laying around and wana make one your self...

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I was actually looking at that semi transparent piece of plastic the other day and wondering about this...




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Very cool. I'd thought about doing it this way. Thanks for sharing.

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