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Little Red Wagon...

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Man i love this car so much inspiration. long time lurker hope i get to see this car in person some day. Thank you for setting the bar high Joel. Hats off :thumbup:

Thanks buddy... She's been a lot of fun

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On 4/6/2015 at 9:29 AM, Just Joel said:

So after the suspension and cross member mods, I realized that the stock fuel tank will no longer due. Initially I set out to design and build my own custom fuel cell but after realizing that the available space actually lent itself well to a universal 10 gal size, I decided to pick up an RCI tank and adapt it to my needs.




This last weekend I went about mounting it under the car properly by creating a cradle to hold and support the tank independent of the aluminum structure...






This would be my second TIG project and while perfect stacks are still a thing of the future, I'm happy with the weld quality and strength.


One issue I had with the original tank was how hard it was to hoist the tank into position with all the fuel/vent lines on top. With the new tank, I plan to keep the fuel filler vent and the fuel return on top in an even tighter configuration than before. For this reason, I made the front mount hinge to aid in the installation.




Once in position, the tank frame bolts to the rear factory mount and is pulled up tight to the floor for a high clearance fit (about an inch higher than the factory tank at the sump)






I plan to run an autometer fuel gauge to match the 0-90 hom sender and will modify the aluminum tank to accommodate the factory filler. In my eyes, this was the hard part (hopefully) so next I'll get to making it talk to the rest of the system 🙂

the pics you are looking for.

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