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Where to locate rear disc parts for truck ?


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I know the trick set-up is to go with the rear disc stuff of the Rodeo/ Passport , but who has the best deals on this stuff. I sure can't find the stuff

used anywhere , so will probably have to buy new . I've gotten prices all over the board . What should a person pay for the disc , calipers , brackets , hareware , etc .... ?????? Thanks

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I got new rotors off of ebay for about $40, got my calipers of a guy parting a trooper on craigslist for like $20 or so....I got the hardware and e-brake cables from him as well. You can get the hadware at the pull-a-part for price of entry. It's all about knowing what to look for and keeping an eye out, just like any other Datto parts ;)

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Dave, is that a hydro cylinder & coil i see? Lets see pics of that truck :D And yeah the yards are a great source for most parts but for me id go with NEW rotors & pads. would love to go disc on my trucks, the 521 has NEW shoes & turned drums & i still have to pump twice to stop quickly ! No tailgating for me...:sneaky:

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Yes it is a hydro set up. It is on my "Lowrider" that I have had for a sometime now. Then I got heavy into the Datsun seen. I am driving it now untill I get my 620 driver back on the road. It has a rodeo front, with toyota bumper, the trooper brakes, four linked and a step notched rear frame that is all smoothed. It has a 8 switch 4 battery set up. It is a bit out dated I did it in 92. It is still a fun truck. If I can work it and the weather holds I might try to make it to reso. I have driven it down 3 times before. But that waa with static suspention, Not sure about driving 1200 miles on a full hydro set up? we will see....





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