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Wagon in junk yard

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They is wagon in the junk yard of the 210 exit myrtle . Between 210 n 10.it has L16 in the engine bay n it has L20 in the cargo bay area .door,seats not in great condition ,dash part

the address is 3333 s. Peck road Monrovia ca 91016 tel (626)445-2922

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choppin? :cool:

i have a line on it but, i need the L (DS) fender rail, from the A pillar to the core support. the support doesnt need to be cut to get this section.

i can send a pic to better describe the piece needed.





id take as much as i could off it too ;)



do you know if it had any of the dash pieces? I need the stock cigarette lighter assembly.

the radio/ashtray holder?


if the guy i picked up the dash assembly for doesnt need it, it will be avail (w/lighter ;) )

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