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A15 stock carb trouble

Datsun fan

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Hi fellas


Last week my truck mpg dropped about 20% , I checked the carb (Hitachi stock coolant type)

and I found it dirty especially all around the upper gasket with gas smell,Well obviously

there was gas leakage and bad gasket.Then I replaced that gasket with one I made of good

quality and checked the float,jets,needle valve,no dirt in gas bowl and screwed in tight ..

.... What can I say ... that was just piece of cake :D .

Now the engine is hard to start (10 and more tries and elec choke works) and after choke is

disengaged,pushing and releasing gas pedal quickly will cause engine death :angry: ,I have to feather

gas pedal from idle a little (850 RPM) in order to avoid stalling then it works fine .Sight-

glass indicates gas level is 2 mm over the notch (same as it was) .The engine idle isn't

that smooth . Anyway I searched for air leak,gas leake/flood with no luck .

anyone has ideas, clues ............. I feel like a special needs mechanic

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When you said you checked for vacuum leaks, did you spray carb cleaner around base, carb area, intake and hoses. Or you just tigthened it. When I install a carb, I usually just snug it. Then I spray carb cleaner around area and if theirs a vacuum leak your RPM will slightly go up.

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After checking the carb I found to things:


1- The carb accelerator pump rubber thing was sliced apart although I'm sure I put it back right

according to Datsun 1200 club WTF :angry: , Anyway now it is replaced

2- The fuel cut off (hexagonal thing) valve was NOT tight (about 2 turns) and without

gasket/washer, Anyway tightened . Then carb cleaner test ...... pass

Now the carb is working fine again .Another success episode of Ratsun !

Thank you guys ;)

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