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need dust caps for hardbody 2wd

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Yeah my hubs dust caps popped off. WHy? I dont know. I read online maybe to much grease? Or a possible failure? Well I need two of them now. If you you seen A hardbody in a yard or even a 720 in so cal let me know. I need them asap. THANKS!!!

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40234 01G00 used through '95 at least, about $4 ea. Gas and time to go get them, packing, postage and mailing, gat to go get them.... just buy new. Maybe cheaper at NAPA


Thanks man! I tried kragen,autozone and pepboys. They dont have them... :(

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you know the diameter of that dust cap? i was wondering if its the same as the 510, cause I am having a lot of trouble finding what I need 1.535" diameter







Try these at nissanparts.cc

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