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I have read many threads about upgrading alternators and the work people have done including fabbing the brackets etc. Well, I wanted to share with everyone an alternative method.


Romaine Electric sits in Kent and they deal with alternators, starters, generators, you name it. I used them to rewind my D50 alternator from 40 amps to 75 amps. They simply ordered the stator and installed it.


As you all know the amp output stock is 35 amps. RE ordered a 60 amp stator and it takes 2 days to recieve it. It is coming from AZ. RE only takes 1/2 hour to install and bench test the unit.


Final Cost is $90 out the door. The nice thing about this is I don't have to fab anything. It is a wrench off, wrench on situation.


You don't need much more than 60 amps to run everything you need. My D50 has an Electric Fan that draws 19.5 amps and a kicking stero system with upgraded H7 lighting etc. 75 amps is more than enough to run all of that at the same time with no stutter or dimming under full load.


Save yourself a headache and a bunch of time and go visit RE. Their number is 425.264.1700. Ask for Tom.

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I was told this by a friend of mine & took mine to the local auto electrical place (DC electric in Bremerton) & asked them if they could do this & they looked @ me as if i wuz an alien. They could not help me.

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