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Next time just copy and paste some pics into Photobucket and dump em on here so that we can all almost throw up

...I wanna see it too!



Well here you go.........


















That truck could be saved. Just bolt on the correct front end, and you're good to go.

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So the other thread got locked, and you thought I should start a new one?




The last post on that thread was a request to see the truck. So...... I thought I would do him a favor :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :lol:


Also I kinda think its funny how much people seem to hate a few certain trucks. On a related note I was at the Rockablilly Reunion here in Havasu last weekend. Can anyone guess what other hated truck was there?










That's right Caddyhack's 620 was here in Havasu. It had a Plexiglass windshield screwed onto it and a fresh AZ license plate. Looks like he finally sold it. For anybody that might be wondering it looks alot better in pictures than it does in person, but it did drive away under its own power

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:lol: Man thats gross! Thanks so much for ruining my day! ;)


Makes me wonder what the heck people are thinking? :rolleyes:


Actually...I can see where this could be a good idea...for like a second...while I am peeing at a truckstop urinal...in Kentucky. :blink:


Thanks for the pics...I am seriously addicted pictures! Its like my brain won't work without them. :huh:

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I like the Idea of this truck! It definately would be better looking if they grafted a 620 nose and door skins to the Frontier Cab. You woud have all the new ammenities, with the cool lookin 620 body.



It would probably be hated too. Somewhere there is a thread about a 240 with a 610 front clip. It was mostly :poop: talking about how "ugly" it was. I thought it was a kinda cool idea that needed some more work to look right.



So this morning my Rep was at 10, dropped to 8, went up to 12, and is currently at 6. That's a 12 point day with an unknown number of +1s and -1s in between :thumbup:



Edit: currently at 5. 13 point swing somebody didn't like this post either :fu:

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