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The Datsun B10

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If not I will take the burden off your hands for no charge. I have a nice garage for the 'lil Datsun 1000. Just let me know.


Originally Posted by mklotz70

We all have datsuns, but only a few of the guys on here actually eat or sleep, the others breathe many. I love art too, but Datsun comes first. The datos are many canvas for now.....that canvas might change, but many datson will continue

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lol i only paid $50 for the car back in 2004 when no one wanted it and it was going to go for scrap, i think ill be holding on to it for a while its been pretty good to me considering the little bit of work ive done. I did notice the clutch slave for a 1200 will not work i need one with both bolt holes on the same side.

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I hate it when a thread ends without completion. I wonder what happened to KB10 and his project. :( Damn, What a nice little Datsun. Wow the Datsun 1000 Coupe is a Classic.


I hope they aren't doing an estate sale :eek: :eek: :eek: Sigh.


Well I hope KB10 checks back in and finishes the thread he started. :mellow:

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Guest jaimesix

Nice project.


The Datsun 1000 cars I believe arrived at the North West , a few, but some made it there. ( US )

That A series is a rocking motor, looks awesome. Where did you get that valve cover?? Those rolling rockers are great. The oil pan....man you are building a super cool A series. I just got to this thread, I was lazy and I did not read most of it, it has become extensive. My apologies.

The picture of the engine you showed, the last one with the intake on the other side is one of the A series with the special cylinder head. The distributor on those heads is repositioned, some of those cyl heads are still around in Japan......for an arm and 2 legs......add a thumb....you might get one.


Very cool car, cheers!!!



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Wow...good thread here...sorta wish there were more pics of the "finished"...or finishing project. I really hope to see more of this very cool little car.:cool:


I never saw the response if there was one , regarding the massive aluminum Valve Cover for the Lseries engines...did that company make any for them?


Maybe that would look really cool...maybe...:eek:

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Well, it looks like I should have been checking in a little more often.


Here's the situation.

The KB10 is now a KB10GL & it is at home.


A little over two years back I took a package & left my employer of 42 years. I decided to retire & take a break from everything, ... but that got a bit boring, so I started to get back into my bicycle collection which has been laying dormant for about 15 years or so & to this end I started collecting more 'stuff'


About a year back I thought I would add a single BMX to the collection. BAD IDEA.

I sourced a 1981 Mongoose frame & started learning. What I learned was that I had stepped through the door to a whole new world. I subsequently aquired an Aussie made Quicksilver hulk, & this was quickly followed by a slightly earlier Quickie that was almost rideable.


Nobody seemed to know much about the serial numbers which appeared to be somewhat random so I joined a forum & gathered about 60 serial numbers from fellow members & cracked the code which was really simple once you have a list of serials to work from.


Anyway, I have now tracked down almost all of the people that worked for the manufacturer [less than 10] & I hope soon to write up the history of this small maker of BMX frames & bikes.


I now have six of the seven production BMX models that they produced between 1978 & '83. including the only known example of the "Limited Edition" model [December 1981 only] & I also have the only known survivor of the three hand made, lightweight factory team riders bikes that were made in December 1981


It gets worse.

I have built another one into a racer for our Retro Race Series [up to 1985] & I formed a race team with one rider. I do all the work & pay all the bills while the young feller [he's 43] gets to have all the fun. The plan is to eventually campaign three bikes.

We were able to compete in five of the six race meets & won the over 40 class by three points.

Last Saturday was round one of the second season & my new rider won all three moto's [races] so we are off to a good start.


As for the KB10GL, it sits quietly under a cover in the garage waiting for me to retire again.


Again? Well, ..... it's like this, I went to a bike shop 42 miles away to buy spokes last November & vollunteered to fix a wheel for the boss who was snowed under with customers at the time. He liked what I did & asked me to work for him, so at 3pm on a Friday afternoon I became an employee once again. I now build & maintain Italian made Pinarello & Wilier bicycles that range in value from about $3,000 up to somewhere near $20,000. [yep, almost twenty grand for the very best that money can buy on two wheels without an engine]


I'm currently working between 50 to 60 hours a week so finding time to mow the lawn is a problem, let alone maintain a race bike & build a car.


Never mind, I still have everything & I will have access to my superanuation soon so I look forward to another retirement when I can get to finishing a few things.


That's all for now untill I get more time & more money.



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OK, OK, I have just re-read the whole thread & realised that a couple of things need to be added.


The adjustable cam sprocket & timing cover with access panel have gone. A friend up the road has been racing a 1200 coupe for quite a few years with great success, but his A15 went off like a grenade, so he fitted his spare engine.

My parts will be used in a new 'spare' engine. & I will run a Rollmaster timing set instead.


It looks like I will recondition my original 1200 GX twin carb induction system & run that for a while before fitting the EFI system.



th_Nismopump01.jpgth_Nismooilpump02.jpgI have secured two of the factory competition oil pumps from which I will make one unblemished good-as-new example & I will run a small oil cooler. It will be totally un-needed in a street car, but will justify the use of the pump & will look cool.


I have sourced an exelent pair of the correct original head rests, so everything on the factory option list has now been found.


We are attempting to have an instrument maker do a faux factory competition tach.

There was a 1200 race tach & I managed to source a new one. Carefull study has revealed how the factory did it & it is really only a modified stock one with a new face & with the internals rotated slightly to allow the needle to start in a downward pointing position. This 1200 tach reads out to 10,000 rpm.


My faux factory comp tach will look like a KB10 stocker but will read out to 9,000 rpm instead of 7,000rpm & will be redlined at 7,000 instead of 6,500 rpm. Very few will ever pick it, but I love the subtlety.


th_Tach01.jpgThis is the 1200 factory comp Tach, not my fake one.


I have decided not to go with the A14 stroker crank, which will be used in another 1200 engine instead, but have found the original A13 crank for my engine. These later cranks are dimensionally interchangeable with 1200 cranks but are a little lighter. I was worried about the strokers torque output on the little gearbox & decided to go with more rpm & less torque.

This concern was elevated when I was able to source not one, but two of the factory competition five speeds. [Option 1 or F5C56A] First gear ratio is now up to about the same ratio as the stock gearbox's second gear but top [5th] is still the same 1 to 1 ratio, so it has five closely spaced ratios.


The stock 5 speed [F5W56A] was such fun to drive in my previous B10, so the close ratio gearbox should be even more fun. We'll give those Hyundi's & dinky little Honda's a run for their money & all with dinosour technology.


th_CopyofA13Rods.jpgth_A-piston.jpgAnyway, I now have a set of custom made 'H' beam rods & a set of 2mm oversize flat top, cast race pistons. This pushes the bore size out from 76mm to 78 which is a paltry .5mm larger than the max factory oversize, so no dramas are expected there.


th_CopyofAserieshollowtappets.jpgThese factory Nismo hollow competition lifters should also help things along. They were the last available set when I bought them, however I believe they have now gone back into limited production.


th_Alternatorbracket01.jpgThis aftermarket bracket will allow me to run the alternator in the same position on the engine as the stock A10 engine. The original position is low on the left side of the block, but the later engines, including my A13, mount them high on the right. This will save me some wiring work & will tuck the little sucker neatly out of the way.


I have placed an order for a custom made harmonic balancer but have not heard back from the manufacturer, so I guess i will need to follow that up.

Stock A series used a cast pulley but a proper balancer can save a lot of grief at high RPM, particularly when one is performing a 'flat shift' & misses the gear.

[flat shift, ... racing change at full throttle without lifting the right foot.]


Looks like I have not been as slack as I had thought.

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This is a thread worth bringing back from the dead! I'd love an update!


I think the 60's 1000 is a car I would give up a 510 for. (Plus it would be a younger brother for my '59 1000) They are just so cool! Wish we had them in the states!

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