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weber DGV bog


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Recently I have water leak issues on my 521 . Water seems to slowly be dissapearing. I cant find where.Believe its getting sucked in but exhaust seems fine. Winter here thay all have ondensation comming out in the morning.


So I decided to ck the head bolts. While cking the head bolts I notice my 3 rockers where very tight. I adjusted then to spec using a feeler gage. Also notice that one rocker the Pivit ball 14mm is almost far down as it can go before it hits the 17mm jam nut. Meaning the valve is sinking and soo will run out of adjustment on this rocker.

Anyways I was also have ing that Famous 2nd barrel bog that happens on a Weber DGV right when the 2nd barrel kicks in. I found out my timming was off. running 3dg with the light. I adjusted it to about 12 and ran WAY better.

But while doing this work I decided I better ck out the dizzy anyways. Find out the shaft was soo loose sideways and move up and down quite abit. This is a Mitsibishi dizzy. I found another single point Mitshibitshi dizzy and swap the pertronix in there. Put dizzy on front cover to find out the rotor pointed 180 deg off. so I then moved the plug wires and bam the truck idles/starts better than before. If I had the points in there Im sure this would have been noticed a long time ago or not even running. So if you have a bad Bog always ck the dizzy and its timming and dont be lazy and ck the rockers for valve lash.


I still had the water loss but I its good to get some power back.

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i had the same deal, i upgraded the dizzy to one with no shaft play, tuned to 34 dreg total and adjusted the valves, it got way better. just a little fine tuning and its not even there anymore. i thought my carb was crap, turns out everything needed going over.

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