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A15 oil vent issue

Datsun fan

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Hi , I know there is a hose between valves cover short tube and another tube on air cleaner

can , right after entering that can there is that thingy which seems like piece of sponge

(color is grey) and the issue is : That thingy becomes clogged over and over and should

be cleaned weekly . What the hell is the role of that piece of sponge ???!!!!

Can I leave that hose unplugged and just get rid of headache ???


Any Ideas,suggestions or maybe VooDoo

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The "sponge" is a filter. That's supposed to be an air INLET to the crankcase; oil is not supposed to come out there.


1) Check your PCV valve. If it's stuck shut, the only way out is through the breather inlet, hence the oil in the inlet filter.


2) If the PCV is working properly, then you have excessive blowby and everyone should know what that means.

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