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1976 610 parts

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Went to the local pick and pull today and there was a '76 610 there. Gathered a few things to save them from ultimate destruction and they'll be going on flea bay after I clean them up. In case any ratsuners are interested, parts are as follows:


1. A factory clock found in the far right hand guage cluster of the dash. Great condition, haven't hooked it up to 12 volts to see if it works yet, probably does, hands still turn.


2. Left rear quarter window with regulator. Trim piece on edge has seen better days, as most have.


3. Both rear taillights with chrome panels. Great condition on those too for the age, not new of course.


Anyway, that's it, if there's any interest I'll hurry up on my cleaning and throw up some pictures.


Figure I'll probably start all three at $25 each on ebay. Wish I could have saved the whole car, it really wasn't that bad. Some jackhole messed up the grille though, and it was tagged in the rear, but not hard enough to kill the light, surprisingly. :(


Clock picture:


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Yeah, that car won't be crushed by next weekend I don't think. I didn't check the wipers when I was there, but the windshield was intact, so I imagine the wipers might be too. I was half tempted to get the windshield but they only fit 610s and I'm not really keen on shipping windshields. Tempered glass is okay, but safety glass, eehhh.

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Hood was dinked up. Crease in the front. I cleaned up the left taillight during commercial breaks while watching Stargate SG1, which rocks! :) Only one of the bulb sockets is cracked, noted in the picture. Looks like one of the studs on the chrome piece has some bad sections, I'll run a die over that. Haven't checked the right side, wouldn't be too surprised it if has it too. Other than that, the whole assembly is pretty good.


(EDIT) Well, this is why it's always good to know from whom you're buying on ebay. Got into the lights more, and something just seemed off about the chrome. Didn't follow the contours of the lights perfectly. Looked reverse, but didn't fit. So I should have been tipped off when two of the light bulbs were blue....yeah. The same jackass that painted the poor 610 flat black and then let it go to pull and save, put the lenses on the wrong housings, and then reversed the chrome plates to make it fit. And they're just close enough that they were able to attach them to the car prior to it's junkyard life. The reflectors inside are painted the same color as the housing, which I'm pretty sure they're supposed to be chrome.


So anyway, here's both lights, the correct way. Think I might get some spray chrome for the reflectors. Can't really re-chrome, they're plastic welded on, would probably mess it up taking them off.



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